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  1. Lorenzo Snow Collective See... how good are we. We've added Lorenzo Snow Collective to the first Gun Club Line Up at no extra cost. No idea what "(8 fucking characters)" means but I'm sure I'm appalled too.
  2. Oh my, such a respone, where to start... Monday shmunday, if the bands are good enough that's what you're paying for. We'll hopefully be moving to weekends after the first couple anyway. Yup £6 for 3 bands. Is £2 per band really too much? It's £4 for students. Stooge, good to see you today. Again, didin't you know you were back in the country but sorry if you're annoyed about it starting up without you. Mr. Lyon's been putting the bands together again so far. If you want to be invlovled again give me a bell. For all you cynics out there, just love the music and hopfeully The Gun Club will be better than ever.
  3. Li'l 8 Charity Fundraiser Featuring Bench, Delawair, The Orchid Band, Junk Dust & The Doo-vays - Tuesday 6th December at Drummonds - Tickets 5 - all profits go to help Aids awareness in Kenya.
  4. Following the incredible success of The Gun Club a couple of weeks ago, The Gun Club returns this Saturday.
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