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For fans of black dice/ DFA/ LCD Soundsystem/ Animal Collective/ etc......

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Mon Aug 28th at The Tunnels............................


Hailing from NYC, Gang Gang Dance are a hip experimental group that are well known on the New York indie-rock scene for a distinctive sound that has been described by many as neo-primitivist.

Formed from four musicians whose reputation in music and the arts precedes them, Gang Gang Dance challenge the listener with a creative sound borne from improvisation and composition that mixes eastern influence with 80s New York No-Wave.

Having recently toured with friends the Animal Collective, they have been described by Time Out NY, as a band that knows where the universes g-spot is what more could you ask for!

Take a risk.

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After a bit of digging round the tickets sites, it seems they will be playing the TDK Central thing in London on Sat 26th, then they were up for Aberdeen on Mon 28th and King Tuts on Tue 29th. According to ticketmaster King tuts is now cancelled and they are playing Brighton instead. I'd say the chances of them playing London, then Aberdeen, then Brighton the following night are slim. Sounds like a case of booking a tour, then looking at a map...[CITATION NEEDED]

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