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  1. I was looking forward to hearing you play, but now i'll keep back out the way. ?( Looking forward to this in a big way
  2. good well done mr chilli, always confident you'd get it confimed after the disappointment of the call off. whats event better we kept our original tickets. Dare say we'll come in for Stars of The Lid as well. Saw them in Leeds late last year, just astonishingly beautiful in a live setting. Everyone loved Glissando as well, very very good line-up. :up:
  3. that didn't last long!!! been travelling but delighted to be back in Aberdeen, especially in time for Caribou who I am assured is superb in a live club setting
  4. yahoo meeting up with some old friends who are coming in for this, they saw Caribou the previous times & said their live shows are superb, can't wait for this one
  5. all different colors of tickets to, anyhow I'm also super excited by this gig happening up here. 8-)
  6. this is great news, never thought they would play in Scotland, let alone in Aberdeen
  7. i think its a very nice idea, the guy in 1up that sold me ours, was really into them
  8. sounds fabulous from the sound clips ive heard
  9. also that assumes you are still in the premier league c'mon Sunderland
  10. great line up, very exciting that Caribou is coming to Aberdeen. my sister saw him in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago & said their set was fantastic. People should go to this
  11. this is great news saw Quack Quack in Sheffield last year, your description is spot on, fantastic live 3piece unit, tight as a ducks bottom, i'll be there yehhhh
  12. i am heading down for this, should be an excellent night of entertainment, about half the artists I havn't heard of until i looked em up. Love the Quack Quack track & Puerto Meurto is top notch. Congrats to imp 100up
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