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Japanese stoneresque rock

Guest MKII

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Boris are amazing but not all of their stuff sounds like clip above

Highly recommend their newest album Pink. :up:


I love the fact that such a sweet looking little skinny woman makes such crushing sounds! :up:

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Guest Phantomsmasher

Boris are fucking ace! Amplifier Worship is perhaps my favourite album, or maybe Absolutego.

Boris have also done two splits with Merzbow also, both very good although, perhaps not really for everyone, more of a drone v.s. noise vibe.

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I'd go for Absolutego myself - not as good as Corrupted's best output' date=' but close.....[/quote']

Reply to post: "Yeah, *insert good doom band* are fairly good. If you like that, you should really check them out"

Scorge: "Ah, yes, they are good, but they shall never beat the almighty Corrupted."

Perhaps you should post a thread for your standardised responses to make it much less time consuming for you to give your highly constructive replies. Remeber to make reference to that thread in replies though, because then we wouldn't be able to benefit from your musical insight and general brilliance...

...Just a thought mind.

Stay fast!


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I thought it was pretty dull...I was expecting stoner rock' date=' not average metal.

at least there was a link to a clutch track on the page


Average metal ?????

where is the metal .... That track is pure rock fury :up:

Stoner grind !!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmIQxrgpYxE&search=Soilent%20Green :princess:

Fuck that here is the real stoner shiat haha.


Never seen a video for this song before in my life until now yay

£10 to whoever can make out what the hell Garcia says at the start , i want whatever he smoked.

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*blows own trumpet*

I've performed onstage with members of AMT and Ghost on a couple of occasions, (and been on the same bill once), plus seen them both live a few times...excellent, both!!

I also recommend Nagisa Ne Te (although I might have spelt them wrong!), and a quiet solo artist called Ai Aso.

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