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A BIG Surprise @ The Tunnels Tonight

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Feckin' hell' date=' what a great night - Son of Dave was just amazing. Thomas was on fine form, too![/quote']

Son of Dave was amazing, Truax looked good and was interesting but the music did nothing for me but I loved the bluesy feel of Son of Dave, would recommend them to anyone, Death by Dave were good too.



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Son of Dave was my favourite, was like a mix of Michael Gira (ex-swans) and The more beat-box style of Tom Waits. After taking away the cool bits and pieces, I didnt really think much of Thomas Truax. Everyone else seemed to like him though.

Uncle Fritz- Amazing, I bought his cd. How low can this guy sing?

Death by Dave as always very good.

Lyndsey Allison- Very impressive, cant wait to see her play again

Dave Farquahar- where were you man, I was looking forward to your set;(

Awesome gig.

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Guest bluesxman

Missed Lyndsey Allison.

Uncle Fritz sounded OK but the chatter in the room kind of drowned him out somewhat.

Second time I've seen Death By Dave and thought they were great again, glad they have ditched the insulting each other between songs stuff, made the set a lot more enjoyable this time.

Son of Dave was fantastic to a point, then it started to get a bit boring once the songs started sounding the same. Good between song banter though.

Thomas Truax was pretty good, never seen him before, nice eccentric personality and a good stage show.

All in all a good night. But I'm knackered today.

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Good night overall and a bargain for 5 of your Eeengleesh Pounds.

Lyndsey Allison - just caught the last song but it didn't sound anything spectacular to me.

Uncle Fritz - Amazing voice. Also had some of the gloomiest and darkest lyrics I've heard someone on an acoustic guitar too. Does he sing in that Metal band he plays with? they'd have to be heavier than Sabbath on mogadon to do it justice.

Death By Dave - first time I've seen them and I quite liked them. The "banter" between songs was a bit crap though.

Son Of Dave - different, to say the least. Was quite entertaining but seemed to drag a bit as the set went on.

Thomas Truax - think it's the fifth time I've seen him and although I know what to expect I still enjoy him live. Nice to hear a couple of new songs in there. Bit pissed off that the 7" single had sold out when I went to by it - and this was before uncle Fritz had even come on!

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