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which local bands (if any) ....

The Ghost Of Fudge

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here's a list of some of the bands that we have put on this year...

frommars (wales), aluminium babe (usa), uzizi (usa), sunways (south africa), the psyke project (denmark), hitechjet (eng), driving on the right (eng), ghost of bongo, kordoba, flood of red, lost, left wide open, weeping jesus, BLACK ATOM, HOT MANGU, hydra, taunt, screw tuesday, the expendible penguins of war, risactonia, element 106, SAZ, Vantage Point, Phantom Riffage, I Stand Alone, Fluffy & The Rainbow Bunnies, Spacejunk, Templeball, Self Made Man, Soundshok, Everwicked, Man of the Hour, agayboyscene, t.r.i.b.e, six second hero (eng), open air, the upstarts, boleskine

i havent answered the questions have i...

um... Eric Euan, Mercury Tilt Switch, Radio Lucifer ?


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The expendible penguins of war are fuckin ace. Amazing bass player. T.R.I.B.E are awsome as well.

did you even read the thread?! jesus.

neither of those bands have ever played fudge, so i hardly think they can be considered to be associated with us...

edit: on re-reading, that sounds a little more sarcastic than i had intended :D

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