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I was reading Dracula, and said "I want to call the band Carfax", and the ladies didn't have any complaints.

Not too exciting. I guess in the book Carfax actually has quite an interesting meaning, which I suppose we could say was what inspired it, but that would be a lie. I might do it anyway. Doesn't really work when there are only 3 of you in the band though. I just thought it sounded quite nice. Oh well.

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Steely Dan's named after an' date=' ahem, recurring "character" in Naked Lunch...[/quote']

Yes, a steam powered dildo.

Other Burroughs influenced band names include:

Clem Snide - a character in Cities of the Red Night

The Mugwumps - Mugwumps feature in alot of Burrough's work

Soft Machine - named after the novel of the same name.

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Guest pop-notmyface

The Piano Conspiracy Theory is a culmination of a lot of thoughts. it really just means "the quiet conspiracy theory", but it's also a tribute to Glassjaw and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

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Soft Machine

Ah, but the later version, after Wyatt had done his "without a parachute through an upper floor window" bit, was called "Matching Mole".


In French, "Soft Machine" translates to "Machine moule". You can guess the rest.

This thread remind me of the story about the young Native American brave who sought out the elder sage of the village.

"Where," he asked, "Do our given names come from?"

"My son," expounded the elder, "When a child is born, he or she is named after the first thing observed by the proud father once the mother has given birth. For example, your own father is called "Running Wolf" because your grandfather observed a member of the vulpine species running from the reservation into the forest just after your father was born. Your brother Two Rivers is named thus because on exiting the tepee after his birth, your father looked out over the landscape and his eyes settled on the sight of the confluence of the two mighty streams which water and protect us."

"So," continued the brave, "My uncle is called Blue Mountain because the sacred mount appeared from the mist after he was born and my grandfather observed it?"

"Yes indeed", responded the sage.

"And," the brave went on, "My sister is called Prairie Blossom because she was born when we were at our summer camp in that flora-abundant location which lies in the direction of the setting sun?"

"You are correct," said the wise man, "But I am busy. So, Two Dogs Fucking, do you have any other queries, or is that it for today?"


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Chris Morris: The name of a horse in an episode of the Day Today from when it was broadcast on the telly. Was also wanting to use diabetic charlie, 2 headed sex beast and most of the horse names.

Also, Black Atom had/have a song called 'Trust Me I'm A Stomach' (the name of another horse on the same episode)

And on a Morris related note, there's a hardcore band from london called Ted Maul.

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