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  1. David has one, I've played around with it a little. It's loads of fun for screeching, weirdness &c but sometimes a little tricky to ger "under control" for more conventional tones. It's a pretty cool pedal nevertheless.
  2. Oooh, shame you got in there first. I guess it's payback for the Telecaster... S
  3. Not WAV, no, they have to be a special CD audio format which, as far as I know, is the only other format that'd work on any but the most bizarre CD players. What does "glass mastered" mean?
  4. Thanks for all the help, everybody! Still leaning towards an EQ but I hadn't considered the Fish & Chips as an option, I'll check it out next time I'm at the shops.
  5. Right, thanks for all the ideas! I'm not really hugely attracted by the Tubescreamer as I'd prefer a cleaner boost, & not really terribly keen on pickups either as it's kind of a project/junker (as much as I hate to say it!) guitar & I don't want to dump tons of money into it. The equaliser's looking like a good choice right now but, as Ikaruga said, HarmonyCentral consensus says it's supposed to be insanely noisy, which I'm not really terribly enthusiastic about.
  6. Interesting... sadly no space on the control for wiring.
  7. Holy crap that looks awesome. How *do* you get so much cool stuff, Ikaruga? This, the G&Ls, it's starting to bother me! If only I were made of money...
  8. I've been playing around with my Telecaster lately, and I've been slightly irritated by the fairly low output pickups- it doesn't sound great when driving the amp and that sort of thing. I'm looking at a pedal to do something about that, and was thinking about a Boss GE7- it has some gain boost, but that isn't its primary function. Would a graphic EQ be the way to go on this or should I get something like a Micro Amp? I'm partial towards the equaliser because I need some mid boost as well, but if it wouldn't really help towards boosting the signal, I'd consider something else... Thanks in advance! Scott
  9. There's one at R & B, unsure of price though
  10. It's going to get new tuners and a refret, eventually, and then I'll start using it on a really regular basis
  11. True. I've played lots of same-model classical guitars that do sound totally different... if you play a nice example of a certain model, there is really no guarantee it'll sound as good
  12. The idea is to produce a longer scale length on the bass strings for better tension/playability and keep a more standard scale length (25" ish) on the higher strings, so the bass strings aren't floppy and the treble strings aren't too tense.
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