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The Milner

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Hehe' date=' Is it pink to appeal to girls, Milner? :p Good trick

I'll probably turn up for some of them. Most likely the last two.[/quote']

(Heypsst psst, here she comes now.)

Oh, you know her.

Would ya look at that hair!

Yeah, you know her,

Check out those shoes.

She looks like she stepped out of the middle of somebody's blues.

She looks like the Sunday comics!

She thinks she's Brenda Starr.

Her nose job is real atomic...

all she needs is an old knife scar!

Ehhh, she's so dull, come on rip her to shreds.

She's so dull, come on rip her to shreds.

Oh, you know her, Miss Groupie Supreme!

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For this week we are going to be doing a set of covers for you all to enjoy.

Its gona include songs from Gerry Raferty, The Xcerts, Alyssas Wish, Queen, Sirrius and more and we will also have a few special guest appearances throughout the set so it should be a fun night!

Remember we're on at 9pm for an hour friday night and there is no door charge, see you all there.!

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