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Mohammed Al-Fayed

Swingin' Ryan

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Guest Scorge Spike

I have no respect for that insincere tax-dodging cunt.

And his shop makes the price of a pint of coke in Moshulu look like a fucking steal...

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Well clearly I wasnt 100% serious in my description, but he seems like a good guy to me.

As Hog said, a major employer in the UK.

A genuine protestor of the racism of the British Monarchy.

A huge and very private charity contributor (unlike half of the celebrities using the 'Make Povery History' campaign to benefit their careers).

A man who has managed to make a huge amount of money and still stick to his principles.

Also he's been behind a good few campaigns to see corrupt politicians brought to justice.

Maybe not a saint, but better than most of Britains major businessmen.

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i wonder how many people he had to royally fuck over to get where he is though.

Well usually people who've managed to get to his kind of position have fucked over a lot of people - so unless his principles included fucking everyone in the ass I'm sceptical about him having kept them during his rise to power.

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