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  1. We've had the first review posted on the album... 9/10 at PlanetMosh: http://www.planetmosh.com/ascension-far-beyond-the-stars-cd-review
  2. The very same ... well not really. Different lineup from the old roots of the band.
  3. Oh and cheers Milner! Dont forget to cast your vote for us for worst band this year haha!
  4. The bonus tracks are to offset the Saihan price system in Japan that means they pay much more for CDs than anywhere else ... Its to give that market something extra to make up for the price!
  5. Nope, we get nominated by cunts Enjoy the show and all the best... Ascension
  6. That... and the word "Fields" ... it's everywhere... But no offence to them - I don't mind their music but the lyrics are just terrible. There is zero effort there to make a legitimate song and I personally couldn't live with myself doing that - hence our songs do have real meaning and effort in the lyrics!
  7. Whereas I agree with the Dragonforce connection which is quite obvious (fast, guitar shreddy, power metal) I'd like to think we do something that they don't which is the effort we put into writing our songs. You can't really tell from this one song, but the album as a whole is very varied between our different writing styles and we put a lot of effort into the vocals - as opposed to Dragonforce, who sing "So Far awayyyy" in just about every song they have haha. Basically saying, fair enough on the comparison but I wouldn't consider us a Dragonforce clone by any stretch of the imagination
  8. Cheers for the comments guys ... we'll find out whether we can pull it off live later in the year but I wouldn't worry about it! Dragonforce's mistake was that they were binned trying to play live - you can't be binned and play power metal haha - the trick is to save that for after the show!
  9. Exactly, Redbattle's post was justifying that huge text vote and ticket costs which we felt were a complete rip off. Others have proved his whole financial strategy is flawed. So yes, it was wholly relevant.
  10. I'm going to refute this stupid comment, we are in no way bitter about Red Battle. Once we realised what was going on we didn't give a shit about it. Bitterness is not fuelling Ricki's post - it's a genuine wish to stop others wasting time on this competition. Like Dick said, if someone had made this post last year we wouldn't have wasted our time with it either. So if you want to insult anything, insult our nativity by thinking that someone genuine wanted to run a genuine competition to help bands and instead of a joke like this was.
  11. That's fair enough.... but what if they didn't win? Fortunately they did and it paid off...
  12. That's funny also because I don't remember them removing that from the T&C and was the main reason we thought it was all BS... why should an Aberdeen band be expected to take 50 ppl to Liverpool? Fair enough The Locals did it but I'm sure at great expense to themselves... made a nice load of money for RB though!
  13. We should also make the point that Red Battle changed the terms and conditions throughout each stage of the competition, to favour the bands who scammed the most money out of their fans.
  14. Well played Cloud. I suspected Mr RedBattle coming on here would result in some sort of face slap owning.
  15. Wrong venue choice is a very good point, you already stated that Moshulu was far too big a venue - so why book it? There are other venues in Aberdeen that would have worked fine at a fraction of the price - Drummonds for instance, or even The Tunnels. Both very cheap to hire - we know first hand.
  16. Lol Radio 1 what a clown! Perhaps you should get that leather off your face before causing more carnage haha!
  17. Yes, but we didn't put any money or effort into it when we realised it was dodgy therefore we didn't participate in feeding them money. We also told our fans not to come to the gigs. Very much agreed, for a venture that only brings in 80k why are you throwing away 100k when some serious saving could be made in there? Finally, we have proof that the final vote count was not as it appeared however we will not go into this.
  18. yeah obviouslly this wasn't live it was recorded for the sunday session I'm not sure where Ricki thought the sunday came from if it was live on tuesday haha!?! But yeah i think it'll be out on either the 19th or 26th of July!
  19. pretty good for us anyway!! just waiting to hear by email (I think) about who gets through... I'm not sure if they wait until after all the heats to decide tho...
  20. Aye but I would say Dragonland make the far more credible music and are a better band all round... Well worth a listen as they are musically very interesting and fresh (talking about the Starfall and Astronomy albums here). They use guitars in a different way to most other bands and create some very rich sounds... Dragonforce however would be the one trick pony and I am sure their CTRL, C and V keys are worn down to a stub after the amount of copy and pasting they must do in Cubase...
  21. Hey guys, Just a heads up for anyone liking their metal.... Ascension are putting on the first of hopefully many metal nights at the tunnels. In the future we will have the best from Glasgow's metal scene coming to our fair city! So please come down and support local metal! Thursday 26th June @ The Tunnels, Doors 7:30pm 3 Ascension DeadMetal Emeritus Here's the poster: Ascension, DeadMetal and Emeritus - 26th June - Tunnels
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