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  1. yeah not a fan of his right wingyness and his insensitive NRA speaches. He was a good actor and soylent green is awesome that is true. Oh and thanks for fixing my link by the way.
  2. http://http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7332960.stm looks like his cold dead hands are good and ready:up:
  3. i just got a tattoo there a couple of weeks ago and it healed lovely. didn't take to long and was totally freehand I really like it.
  4. i believe i'm working but should make it up in time for atomgevitter
  5. obviously the sound quality is rubbish( you would expect it from a live recording ata a gig) but it sounds like the tunes are pretty decent. i didn't notice anything wrong with the vocals there's a hell of alot worse to be heard in aberdeen.
  6. This should be a killer! Bring the MOSH! <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/jayfaedoom/gigpostercopy.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
  7. reading for fun... ever heard of it or do you just read so you can sound smart? I reckon your a pretty sad case if you've "grown out" of fantasy whatever happened to good old escapism and use of the imagination?
  8. i'm not certain but i think: if someone is given human growth hormone after puberty it only really makes a difference in their hands and chin ie they get HUGE, there is a condition where the body keeps developing hgh after puberty this what the guy that played jaws had, so that kind of chin and hands. any way point is you're right the steroids were probably for his kid not him. maybe he was just a big crazy!
  9. so reeces pieces then? i think you can get them in woolworths:up:
  10. Malera were damn AWESOME on tuesday must be said! i thought it was more a slipknot/mudvayne thing than AHC tho
  11. I havn't seen this posted any where else on here yet so i thought i would do it my self. Forgotten shadow-Metalcore/Screamo Forever tied-Metalcore Vert-Hard rock/Metal My testament denied-Modern Hardcore/Screamo Twisted felany-dirty rock n' roll/metal (as far as i can tell from their myspace tune) Should be a decent show so come one come all!
  12. I like it too don't worry it's not much of a metal album though more heavy rock i suppose and it was at the height of nu-metal so you can see why people don't like it. plus it was the first MH album i got so that's maybe why i like it.
  13. YES YOU ARE 100% CORRECT THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING! when clenching the fist kicked in i nearly came!
  14. Whoah tiger no need for hostility! I, maybe wasn't clear i meant we all know that you're doing things as it has been discussed in many threads and always seems to end up in slagging matches between you guys and scorge, jake spike et al. i'm not a huge fan of your music i'm sort of on the fence (i can hear it's good but that doesn't mean i get it) plus i've never seen you play either so i'm not in the best position to be criticising you. and i WAS acknowledging that your doing well for yourselves! any way that cleared up then yes MMW are a band to watch out for
  15. megatron


    this is ace in a strange coincedence i stumbled across it on alluc and watched ep 1 then checked the new posts on here and there it was, crazy...
  16. forever tied wouldn't be averse to having something slung up on there www.myspace.com/forevertied i also like the name "fit like aberdeen"
  17. is this fake? yeh i was curious about robbie williams and crazytown
  18. ruined the gig they did first time i saw them they were quite good last 2 times well... just bad
  19. i actually have to agree with the first post enrapture are probably aberdeens best metal/metalcore band at the moment along with we shall be blessed and well...my minds weapon seem to be doing things and making waves
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