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  1. To be honest, if the guy wasn't very big I'd go knocking on the door. If he is, there's no point really cos you're only gonna double the number of casualties, plus he knows where you live. So give him a hiding if you can and phone the police if not. And bearing in mind I'm only 5 foot 8, I doubt I'd have much choice if it was me.
  2. As well as being pretty necessary a lot of the time, deodorant is nice isn't it? I use Ted baker at the mo, and it makes me feel all clean and raring to go. Blimey, I sound like an advert.
  3. False, I'm stiull buzzing. TPBM has at some point in their lives done something for the first time and lied that they have done it before.
  4. I just love the way he goes all poetic and gentle at the end! Thing is, that guy sitting down who has been thrown out in the past: not a night out goes by without us all spotting at least one of his kind. Why do they do it? It's not as if they look like they could hold their own if they eventually got the landlord as angry as they are clearly trying to... I can understand a rowdy group of lads getting carried away but one Johnny no mates on his own in a death trap like that who looks like a bank clerk...weird.
  5. YouTube - ASC on Toughest pubs This is bloody hilarious
  6. If you're looking to photograph one mate, you might want to check out the one near my parents house as it s in a very scenic area, just a little bit inland from Portsoy. Pics of both here: Wind Turbines :: www.futret.com
  7. In what way exactly? I doubt the Pope is particularly agnostic in any way.
  8. I'm an ale drinker, lager is pish. My favourite is Deuchars IPA but for some reasons Ma Camerons manage to keep all their beers so badly its not worth drinking in there. Other good 'uns in my book are Discovery (an Organic ale) and Hen's Tooth (possibly the best of the lot!) Cheers!
  9. I met the guy that plays Superhans a while back and the first thing he asked me was if I had any charlie on me.
  10. Cocaine doesn'tt make you fat, that's for certain Steve. That Mitchell and Webb line reminds me of a similar one in Peep Show where SuperHans at the wedding quips "that crack is really moreish."
  11. Well you can have a nice day but you can't have a moreish one can you. M<oreish means something very specific. Jaffa cakes can be moreish, cocaine is moreish, ice cream less so. When yo've finished a cornet you rarely want another.
  12. Something tyhat is moreish is also nice, but nice and moreish don't mean the same thing. Snow is cold but cold is not an acceptable alternative word for snow.
  13. Moreish isn't a new expression, according to the OED its first use in print is in JOnathan Swift in 1738. It means something totally different to nice.
  14. I'm just about to buy a Samsung LCD, what's your reasons for saying don't?
  15. You know, I have never ever been in that place, is it any good?
  16. I'd definitely go The Marcliffe, and the full day package is only 170. That really is a good deal, she'll get a goody bag, a champagne lunch, a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial and exfoliation. Chuck in a cab there and back and she'll have quite a day. Good for her!
  17. who prompted a thread a while back... they got him. Its not a plot likely to turn up on The Bill I guess. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/6089042.stm I bet his cells in a state by now mind.
  18. That's absolutely appalling, I really feel for you, not that that is much use to you. I hope the Glasgow option works out for you. On the subject of Royal Mail though, it has dawned on me now that the more incompetent they are the richer it makes them, because people now frequently send anything even remotely important by recorded delivery as they have so little faith in standard mail. If the service was first rate people wouldn't do this and they'd make less money, the bastards! I even have to send family birthday cards recorded delivery now because I have had so much grief over the years for forgetting when in fact they've just not been delivered, which sounds trivial but to elderley parents and young neices and nephews can be quite hurtful if they feel you haven't bothered.
  19. How this show is still running is beyond me. For my sins I used to work on it in the Lamarr days and it was a thoroughly depressing experience. Lamarr was usually coked up to the eyeballs and slagged off the audience way beyond what was funny, he constantly went on about how shit the show was and called the audience he kept waiting "minimum wagers who wished they were famous like him." Buzzcocks was a Britpop show, and is long long dead, game shows have moved on from that 90s ripping the piss out of everyone thing, and the current trend is stuff like QI. Having said that, I have never liked AMstell but think he is a much better and more likeable host, but the show is hopeless. Jupitus is money for old rope and Bill Bailey is almost as lazy as Sean Hughes who most weeks did nothing except be Irish. (Three weeks running he said absolutely zilch that made it to the final edit.) Last night's didn't have a single funny line in it. Anyway, that's that rant over...
  20. Cheers, sound like good tips. As for investing in energy shares, is a small amount like this likely to yield anything that exciting?
  21. Anyone got any sensible tips on a good place to stash a couple of grand, ie shares, bonds, whatever...
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