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  1. I'd put Shoestring as one of my top three definitely. The classic final episode with the exploding kids game was a masterpiece. Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes and John Thaw as Jack Regan are my winners.
  2. Hetty Wainthrop surely. Although the ever dull BBC variants of Prime Suspect, Messiah, Waking the Dead and Silent Witness and complete toss. Dark, choral music, serious looking investigators. Yawn. Its been done to death. it's as dull a genre in my book as Scottish crime novels.
  3. It never ceases to amaze me how there seem to be an unending supply of chavs ready to populate shit shows like his.
  4. Ah, interesting. Well spotted Laura. PS after a long absence, I'll be up and in the Moorings avec la girlfriend on Thursday night! xx
  5. Ah. Lazy Garlic. Hmmm! Garlic Puree is cool too and needed here... I have a neat spin on bolognese which I got from a cookbook when I was a student. Here goes... Chop up onions, carrots, mushroooms, garlic and peppers, chuck em in the frying pan and then add the lean minced beef. After browning it, add whatever tomoat element you are going to add, passata, chopped plum toms or tomato ketchup....ketchup will give it a VERY rich flavour! Cook it for twenty five minutes but half way through add one chicken stock cube whisked up in boiling water...really nice! Five minutes before serving add lots of garlic puree, some tabasco and a splash of milk, then stir well, the milk will thicken it and hold it all together. There';s a great deli on Rosemount Place or used to be anyway, that sells chilli and garlic flavour sphagetti!
  6. He's surely the defiiniton of "someone with too much time on their hands". Wonder how he equates his view that this is a fascist dictatorship with his ability to live off benefits. Get a fucking job you fucking bastard!
  7. Can't bear it. Billie P and David Tennant are excellent (not an Eccleston fan) but the series is so camp and glib, it doesn't stand still for a second to drum up any atmosphere. It has no menace at all, there's never any real jeopardy. One of the things I liked about Who as a kid was the four part stories, the gradual unfolding and mystery. Whenever I try and watch a new one it feels like it's started half way through the final episode.
  8. Nice effort! Where is your avatar from by the way?
  9. There is no shithole like a Midlands shithole though.
  10. Spot on. Mind you delboy if London was that bad 10 million people wouldn't be living there, many of them through choice. How friendly a city is depends entirely on your own personal experience; Aberdeen is considered supposedly frioendly but I don't really think it is. London scores by actually being a collection of small communities: if you visit it nis just an impersonal mass but once you live in an area for a while each little area has a real sense of community I've always found. Its not the place to live if you want a quiet life but it is a fascinating and surprisingly amicable place I've always found.
  11. The maddest of Aberdeen madmen is back, and he's got a new mission: http://snsb.byethost31.com/lookingforawoman.htm Who can resist this bit: "I am not adverse to introducing a bit of polygamy (polygyny) into my life, so if, say, sisters, women friends or bisexual women partners wanted to share me and for us all to live together as one happy family, then I'd be all for that. One woman at a time is enough to keep me happy but I'd also be happy to live with and take on more than one woman at a time, so long as I didn't have to share the women under my roof with any other man."
  12. Wihtout going into OneUpManShip the pub in Portobello Road I was in last night is one sixty a pint...
  13. Quite. I love Aberdeen but live in London now because I simply could not get established in my career in Aberdeen. London has some good reasons to be the best place in the world to live, a fabulously friendly city full of everything. Plenty of bustle and nightlife, plenty of quiet places, plenty of green, surrounded by nice countryside... Cullen, my hometown, I think is the most beautiful place in the world, and I'd love to retire there, but whenever I go home at the moment I feel I'm leaving a party early, so wouldn't want to live there yet. Edinburgh never disappoints though, although I'm slowly beginning to wonder if Glasgow is not better... Ther eis no worse place to live for me than the suburbs of London/Essex. I spent a big chunk of my childhood there and if I never visit the place again it will be too soon. Like being at a permanent meeting of the BNP, as well as being an ugly, miserable, aggressive, dreary place with no spark whatsoever.
  14. Threads like this make me realise how much I have done! One fairly major thing I suppose I ought to do is go abroad...
  15. If I knew when I was going to die then ther night before I'd try heroin. Its an open goal.
  16. Snakebite for the life of me I can't see why writing a post like that on here is in anyway helping the starving millions. For what its worth I think more and more people today are a great deal more concerned than they once were. We are frequently accused of political apathy but I think that is partly because we don't have dedications to parties like previous generations had. Instead we are more concerned with the bigger picture, not with Unions sniping and etc as we all were in the 70s, but with things like marching against an illegal war, recycling our rubbish and so on. And it's plain daft to say no-one cares about the starving millions with Live8 and the G8 so recently.
  17. I love this board. That and the shit-stained lego are the funniest things I've read in days. I'm actually quite surprised Dundee takes offence: everyone I've ever known from there slags the place off as soon as they are asked where they'd from. However much Dundonian spokesman are keen to leap to their town's defence rather than just claiming it's a good city they should actually try and make it one, rather than simply putting up a sign as you go in saying something as meaningless as "Dundee, City of Discovery." The only thing I discovered when I went there is that I didn't want to go back. When it was awarded Scotland's cleanest city I recall there was speculation that that was because you couldn't tell what was the rubbish and what wasn't...
  18. Long Good Friday for me by a mile. I can't think of a single gangster film made after 1980 except Mona Lisa that's any good though for me, those abysmal Guy Ritchie and similar mockney ones all just desperately want to imitate Friday and Get Carter. Reminds me of a story about Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins meeting at a party once and Caine saying "Bob you know there's only been three good British gangster films ever made. There was The Long Good Friday that you were in, Get Carter that I was in...and there was Mona Lisa... which we were both in." Not really a Goodfellas fan, it's a bit too self-indulgent and over stylised for me: I didn't believe a word of it.
  19. There's an article in todya's P&J requesting people get in touch today by the way, just to remind people to please get in touch! SO far so good but I want more!
  20. Alas mine wasn't even responding when I plugged it into my computer. The Apple Shop in Regent St have without doubt the rudest staff ever. In was given a new ipod and have lost all my songs. Bloody great.
  21. There is an option for whether you want it automatically update to match your itunes every time you plug it in or not.
  22. Except its wiping the songs that is what's depressing me: all the stuff bought off itunes, ones borrowed and copied, the sheer timne involved....nightmare. Its not all stored on my itunes, too much memory being used up. Can't believe it.
  23. Sorry mate I don't quite understand what you said. How do I update it all?
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