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  1. Sorry sendin via mobile, and it limits message length. But basically, this bloke has spent ten useless years venturing further up his idiotic arse and now views the outside world as largely his enemy. Not someone i want getting pissed off with a local school
  2. In all seriousness, i think the bloke an accident waiting to happen. I can imagine some hungerford style event and afterwards when dow's widely accepted lunacy is talked about on tv viewers will be thinking... And why did noone take a closer look at him before it was too late. He's been allowed to live on benefits for years pl
  3. Flash can I use that in my new play? It's fu**ing priceless.
  4. No but I did have a bug yesterday. I only ever seem to get ill during public hoilidays, seriously. TPBM has a crush on someone.
  5. Cheeky sod. You ought to know.
  6. I apologise for a shameless piece of self-promotion, but as there is precious little written about Aberdeen, anyone who hasn't read and wants to read this, thought I'd mention it... Amazon.co.uk: Rainbow Kiss (Oberon Modern Plays): Books: Simon Farquhar
  7. I think you and I both know that's false. TNP has been contacted on friends reunited.
  8. We're talking mid-nineties here. It was driving me mad trying to remember the name of the manager: was it something like Gille?
  9. Anmd why would that be... Actually it was Amanda. Was she known to you as Amy or was this a different lassie?
  10. That's not a sentence you see that often. My favorute moment was definitely "You're disgusting.... But I like it. Like going to a strip show with the Pope."
  11. Last night's was absolutely class. Sally Slater was gorgeous too. The discussion about "giving him a hand" was brilliant.
  12. Oh the memories. Being stuck on the dance floor when Sabotage by Beastie Boys came on. That weird Goth bloke with very bad skin who wore face paint. Mad-Elaine dancing like mental on her own as soon as it opened at night. Queuing for a kebab round the corner afterwards. Being engaged to the legendary barmaid there for a while. (Just thought I'd mention that one...) And trying to forget the nights when the venue hosted the godawful "HEAVEN".
  13. Not if you're a fella, no. TPBM didn't vote yesterday.
  14. Laurie Anederson, Jesus. That album was called big Science, and one of the tracks began with a wolf howling, then a phone ringing, then a horribly discordant sequence of notes. A housemate of mine userd to play it in the middle of the night to freak us out! That Jona Lewie track: the backing vocalist, not the one in the red dress but the other one, I swear she drinks in my local (in London.) If she has, she ain't changed a bit. Check out the keyboard player at 1.49 and at 2.40!
  15. I'm with you on Easter Eggs. That is a total geek-feature designed for saddos to have their moment of smugness.
  16. I've never really given them enough time, I quite liked Moving Pictures and Grace Under Pressure, and the first album, but remember thinking Roll the Bones was dire. I remember their drummer being undeniably gifted but not exactly subtle in a live video I saw once. Do you recommend them? TPBM hasn't been on a date for ages.
  17. YouTube - Jona Lewie - "In the Kitchen at Parties" on TOTP I remember this vaguely from when it was out, as I much preferred it to bloody Stop the Cavalry. Just found it on youtube: is it me or is it about the weirdest thing to ever be a top ten hit? The time changes are mumbled vocals are odd enough, but wait til you hear what happens at 2.15!!!!!!!
  18. Usualkly wqith tedious menus I find you can just skip them if you press something and hope for the best. What bugs me is the menus that play clips from the feature. If you leave it on the menu while pouring a cup of tea or fall asleep or something it just repeats the same sodding clip ad infinitum. Infuriating.
  19. Damn well missed it, was out on a date! She's flat out upstairs now and I'm wired and on here trying to get sleepy! So was PS good? Tell! It better be getting an E4 repeat...
  20. You know Chrtistopher Eccleshite said in an interview he had dismissed old Dr Who as rubbish then RTD made him sit down and watch Talons of Weng Chiang and he was amazed at how good it was. They are ALL on you tube now, go see! Seeds of Doom is very good, unbelieveably violent and sadistic in places! Ex-mercenaries, petrol bombs, the Doctor twisting people's necks, having his head rammed on a dustbin lid...jeez!
  21. I can't wait, Peep Show is hysterical. I didn't think much of the sketch show but it worked well on the radio. The problem is they aren't skilled at funny voices or anything so I found they just played the same characters in different situations. I liked Numberwang and the sketch with Mitchell as "one of the incredibly posh people who is somehow a waiter."
  22. I enjoyed tonight's apart from the gobbledegook climax. After not really liking any of the new ones so far (flippant Doctor, camp monsters, no depth) it seems to be getting better!
  23. Any Who fans out there probably know this of old, but anyway... I've recently watched this again: the infamous episode from 1976 that caused a bit of a furore. Certainly a long way from the whimsy of the new series. If you follow the link below and watch the sequence from 2:04 to 3:46, do we think this is actually a bit nasty for a children's programme? A mate of mine who is a tv channel supervisor watched it with me and said "no way would that go on pre-9pm today!) YouTube - Deadly Assassain part 10
  24. Colin Baker and McCoy were complete prats as far as I was concerned. Awful actors, awful stories, awful directing. Watch The Seeds of Doom or The Deadly Assassin or The Talons of Weng Chiang. That's Dr Who without the camp hammy bits!
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