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pro ev or fifa


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It takes far longer to get bored of any Pro Evo release than FIFA ones.

The only area in which FIFA was more realistic than Pro Evo was when you could dive to get a free kick. That was quite fun. But not as fun as the German commentator in the first ISS Pro on the PlayStation. I loved it when he said "In the history of hingy defences and fluglich machens"... or at least it sounded like that.

In summary, Pro Evo is ridiculously better.

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Guest Logan
was that the game for the saturn where if you scored a goal the camera would pan and track up to the video scoreboard on which a little video would play and a terrifying' date=' american-accented choir would exclaim "get goal!"?

if not, what is the game i've described above?[/quote']

That's SWWS 97! 98 was miles better!!

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Guest neil ex

FIFA 98 was the best FIFA game I played. You could dive in that one..

PES is just way better, and multiplayer's like a completely different game aswell.

The day I beat Stuart Maxwell will be the day I retire from PES! :D

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are they fuck!

fifa is truly appalling, the only thing it has going for it is the aforementioned official names etc, though Pro Evo is starting to gain a lot more official teams, now all spanish, dutch and italian clubs.

i once played a game in fifa, then one in Pro Evo immediately afterwards, and i can honestly say it was the most satisfying game of Pro Evo ever, the gameplay is soooo much better!!! poor commentary though!

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