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  1. I have a badge but haven'tseen film yet, might check it out but first has to be Wallace and Gromit!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I know that he had accepted it but it must feel weird buying your own coffin.
  3. stupid broken internet! maybe i can catch up Anybody watch burntface man btw?
  4. Tills and stacking shelves all weekend at the lovely farmfoods, and there's always the occasional stocktakes, not the best place to work but it's money i s'pose.
  5. Camie im guessing that u never had Mr Barber, i spent most of second year art going to the baker for him, and i always had my personal hate towards the librarians.
  6. A: Anchorman B: Butterfly effect (the) C: Commando D: Demolition man E: Exorcist (the) F: Freddy got fingered G: Goonies (the) H: Happy Gilmour I: J: Jack K: Kill bill 2 L: Lord of the rings : The fellowship of the ring M: Monty Python and the holy grail N: NIght of the living dead O: Old school P: Patch Adams Q: R: Rush hour 2 S: Shaun of the dead T: Team America : world police U: Underworld V: Valentine W: Wayne's world X: X-men Y: You only live twice Z: Zoolander (Puts on his upgrade 2 dvd list)
  7. Taking back sunday - Your own disaster
  8. Poor peformance from the referee at the aberdeen match, and Jim Halmilton's goal was the biggist fucking fluke ever. I balme the ref's ok they do get a hard time but thats because they make really bad decisions and as for the linesman in front of me, well u can tell he only came for the complimentary dinner after the game (fat cunt).
  9. Hmm not bad, i think i enjoyed that on account of a shitty day.
  10. Wow what a great place for a holiday not!
  11. A- Alkaline trio B - Bright eyes C - Cheap trick D - Death cab for cutie E - Electric six F - Fenix TX G - Green day H - --------------- I - Incubus J - Jack off jill K - --------------- L - Lostprophets M - My chemical romance N - Nirvana O - (The) Offspring P - (The) Postal service Q - Queen R - Reel big fish S - Saves the day T - Taking back sunday U - (The) Undertones V - ---------------------- W - Weezer X - ------------------------ Y - Yellowcard Z - ---------------------
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