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The Legacy + Support - Moorings, Sat 12th March

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This is a GFN? gig so you know its going to be good. All these bands are travelling up here (some of them by Megabus!) to play for you lot so it would be a good idea for as many folk as possible to come along and show your support. Its only 4, thats just 1 per band!

Check out the bands myspace pages to listen to their tunes:-





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The Azriel mp3 is awesome.

This'll be a great show - interesting to see that there are no local bands playing.

With Femora on a break (I belive), there is so Aberdeen hXc bands of this quality. Would have liked to have got you on the bill too but itd be pointless as your playing this fri.

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Ok, Engage are going to be playing now instead of Azriel. Which is great...Engage are total old school HC, for fans of Gorilla Biscuits, Sick of it All etc

This is an amazing HC line-up, if I do say so myself....4 totally awesome bands. If you like hardcore you better get yo asses down!

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interested in hearing The Fight Back and Azriel. Heard a song by By My Hands that Robin recorded' date=' and was less than impressed. but i may come along anyway. just so that I can finger Neil's ear lobes.[/quote']

You should still go - not liking one band out of a bill of 4 is hardly an off putting thing is it!

Stand and drink cider outside while we play ;)

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Buckfast is for wimps.

MD 20/20 stuff of champions ;)

no. its homo-core. and that rant was not by a female. it was by a hermaphrodite. you fucking racist.

and i banned myself form MD 20/20 after a night out with Craig Broken Oath, AKA Broken Bum.

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