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  1. kevin.

    Rn B's

    Anyone like got a number for it ? Would be a wee help :]
  2. kevin.

    Ashdown Bass cab For Sale.

    Im looking for a cab. And that seems pritty decent so aye.
  3. kevin.

    Camera Obscura Play The Tunnels

    sounds like a fine one. aye. o_O
  4. kevin.

    Test Icicles Split...MySpace weeps...

    well. i wina be greetin. fuckin rubbish
  5. I need a ticket like. Probably wont get their until about half seven. Will you still be selling them outside bby then? Also what time are the doors? I have heard 8 and half 7?
  6. kevin.

    bring me the horizon

    azriel are better though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP-Z-aHIuWE&search=azriel
  7. kevin.

    bring me the horizon

  8. sounds like a greeter. cana wait. nice to hear allergo are coming to play
  9. kevin.

    The Legacy + Support - Moorings, Sat 12th March

    she will be a fine one, oh dear the fight back
  10. kevin.

    New Aberdeen Band - We Shall Be Blessed

    .some fine songs. ace