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People who are annoyed by people cheating on them


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This is thread i thought i would start, for people who are p****d off with x girlfriends or boyfriends cheating on them.

So just let it all out pppl and put my mind to rest that i am not the only person who constantly gets cheated on.

also if there are any girls interested in a 17 yr old guy, 6'1 with alright looks, but a great personality and a great but sometimes dark sense of humour then let me know lol.

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So i am guessing you are still going out with him then, if you are how come you know he wont do it again or are you a libral couple lol

And is it just me or does it always seem to be guys taht cheat on girls and not the other way around.

Or is it even and that guys keep it to themselves

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I've been cheated on...it's not nice at all. To feel that you completely trust someone and then they go behind your back and betray that trust and don't tell you. I forgive but don't forget and certainly don't understand why someone would cheat on a person they claim to love.

It makes it harder to trust people again. But now I have someone who I trust totally and completely, and who I know will never cheat on me. And I am so confident of that, that I am getting married to that person.

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Thats it ppl let it all out, tell everyone how much it hurts, and lets make the cheaters feel bad.

My story is taht i was going out wti a girl for a year and for the last 2 months of our relationship she was sleeping with another guy, as has been said before to trust someone so much, and love them with all your heart and to end up being betrayed like that is no way to go aobut things, why couldn't they just say to us that they have found someone else and leave it at that.

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

A wee while ago, I had two married women on the go and, as a single guy I had absolutely no qualms about doing so, not being one to pay much heed to conventional morality. I reckon if people are repeatedly cheating on you, it's for one of the following reasons:

1. You are shit in bed.

2. You are annoying out of bed.

3. You do their head in with irrational insecurity.

4. You are an idiot.

5. You are a boring idiot.

6. They need more sex than you're prepared/able to provide.

Basically, the moral of this little tale is this:

If the striker's doing the business on the pitch, then there's no need to bring on a sub. People cheat on you for a reason. This doesn't necessarily excuse it, but there you are. Love can temporarily be forgotten when you're absolutely rasping for it. They say a stiff dick has no conscience and you could say the same about women. If you meet their needs consistently, you won't have a problem.

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