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  1. Cant says i do deary, will keep my eyes open for ya though xxx
  2. Pug 106 Series 2 Stealh Shelf pre-cut for two 6x9's - 10 Car mats front and back in Blue can be cut to fit most cars - 10 Set of Fox Racing Alloys 6 Spoke, need refurbing as lip is bent out on one but is fixable hence - 30 Base Guitar Case Solid and felt lined - 20 King of Queens Season 1 Boxset - 5 The Texas Chainsaw Masacre boxset - 5 Other DVD's: Happy Gilmore Click Ross Noble Sonic Waffle Pixies 2004 renunion Tour Meet the parents Various Mega Drive and Master System games, Would like to sell as one lot if anyone is interested. PM me if you would like any of the above or if you require more info More to follow at a later date. Cheers
  3. I have for sale Family Guy Seasons 1 to 5 5 per boxset or all 5 for 20 PM me if you want them Cheers NOW SOLD
  4. PS2 for sale, with two controllers, memory card and all cables. 40 its just not getting used, Games and DVD's to follow, should have them posted by tommorrow. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. sorry but no, offers over 300 only
  6. For sale: American Fender Jazz Bass (Has been gigged), with a Solid case and will throw in a Stand thats good for gigging and a few leads etc. Dont have any pictures, here is a link to the fender website, which shows the exact one. Fender Products Laney 60 Watt Bass Amp (Used for jamming with some mates). PM me Offers, anything reasonable accepted. Steve
  7. She didn't loose them, they were stolen, however they have been recovered, dont know how, all i know is the police got envolved. But she has her tickets and is happy now
  8. Thats a nice little profit you made there, its a long shot i know, but worth a go
  9. I am looking for two tickets for a friend who ordered some, but have been stolen. So trying to help her out as she is absolutly gutted. Will pay Face value maybe a little extra. Cheers
  10. UFB

    Old Toys

    Master system my god ain't heard that name in a while, i have loads of old games, and mega drive games, with the converter to play master system games on the mega drive and i also have the console floating about aswell, at least i think i do, i am going of memorys about 4 years old here.
  11. UFB

    Old Toys

    I have optimus prime, Not boxed, not in perfect condition, but it has the trailer part, and still fully working.
  12. UFB

    Old Toys

    I have a heap of old Transformers, M.A.S.K and Thunderbird toys, just wondering if anyone knew of any shops that would take them off my hands for a reasonable price, and in or around Aberdeen. Cheers Steve.
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