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  1. I am very excited about this. Unfortunately I may be quite late due to being massively busy at work and in Edinburgh. [i believe this may be my first post in years.]
  2. I passed my diploma in legal practice, for which the grade does not matter in the slightest, which means that I can start my traineeship in August and become a boring suited lawyer. With reference to spelling in exams, I feel that a person should be marked down for poor spelling. Everyone is taught to spell at school and if you're rubbish at it, read a dictionary until you improve or don't do a course which is essay based. The standard of spelling in this country is getting to be beyond a joke, as is the commonplace acceptance of "text-style" spelling. I may sound like an old person, but it really angers me when people don't bother to learn to spell correctly. Fair enough, if someone is dyslexic, allowances can be made but otherwise spelling should be taken into account and criticised when wrong. With reference to the use of degrees, there are some which seem to serve little purpose in applying for a job. A degree can show you have research skills/time management skills/whatever other skills a degree gives you, but since everyone and their dog can get a degree these days, what differentiates one candidate from another? This seems to be especially evident in non-specialised degrees where there is not a logical career path to take after one finishes. Everyone wants to live the student lifestyle so everyone goes to uni without knowing which career path to take. They all choose a fairly general degree, pass the course and come out at the same place as they started - level with all the other prospective candidates. Only one applicant will get the job, so everyone else will go back to working in a shop/bar/restaurant like they did before university and what did uni do for your career? Nothing. Sorry if that was boring. I probably won't read this thread again as I rarely come online, so if you want to have a rant at my opinion, feel free.
  3. I love the album. I only bought it yesterday but it's so so pretty and dark. It even has a song named after me...
  4. The self titled album was great...bouncy and happy, but they have got worse with every album since then. Sticks and Stones was about 50-50 good/bad songs, Catalyst had only a couple of good songs and I don't even know why I bought the new one because I knew it was going to be rubbish... I don't like any of the songs. The whole album is just boring and miserable. They're good at writing catchy fun songs, so why did they try and "mature?" That kind of attitude ruined Blink as well.
  5. I have liked quite a few albums this year: Number 1 has to be: The Loved Ones - Keep Your Heart But I have also really enjoyed: Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness Heavens - Patent Pending AFI - December Underground Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission (everyone else may hate this but I love it) The Killers - Sam's Town Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now (very surprised that I liked this album so much) The New Found Glory album is very very disappointing.
  6. Not too sure on my first aberdeen music thread, but my first on the bravenet AUBL boards would be in relation to my school "band" who only ever played one song in public. I was Queen Kong even then.
  7. I think the ice machines are cleaned by the company that makes them; it's certainly done by an organisation outwith TK's and Exodus. They are all sparkly and clean and we have all new ice handling equipment to be on the safe side, although as everyone else has said, we have certainly never been informed of any illness from our ice, or anything else in the pub for that matter (other than people drinking too much). I am intrigued as to how the Sun managed to conduct a controlled experiment without ever informing TK's. Surely if they ask for a drink with ice, the contaminant could come from any source (the glass, drink, air, the hands of the reporter) and to be fair, we all know the Sun reports shite anyway... But just to set everyone's mind at ease, all our ice handling equipment is sanitised daily and I have been working in TK's for 3 years consuming the ice on a regular basis, and I have not become ill from it.
  8. Dan and I are getting married next year. When we tried to book Kings College in summer 2004, they told us they weren't taking 2007 bookings until September 2005, at which point we booked our wedding for the last Saturday in July. So there appears to be about a year and a half wait for weekend weddings there. RGU students and graduats are able to get married there but it costs more than for Aberdeen students and graduates. The reception is to be in the Marcliffe. I have still never seen inside the place, but my mum recently won a raffle prize of 2 nights in the Marcliffe so soon I will get to see inside my wedding venue. Because I have never been there, I have no idea what it is like or how much it costs, but apparently it is nice.
  9. So Dave very kindly allowed me to dj in Exodus for a wee while tonight. Here is the combined result... Rialto - Monday Morning 5:19 Ash - Oh Yeah Paramore - Pressure Feeder - Choke Suede - Trash Supernaturals - I Wasn't Built To Get Up BoyHitsCar - Rebirth He Is Legend - The Seduction The Used - The Taste of Ink Pitchshifter - Voted Least Likely To Succeed Nada Surf - Popular Manic Street Preachers - You Love Us The Offspring - Self Esteem AFI - Miss Murder All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret Presidents of the USA - Peaches Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid American HiFi - Flavor of the Weak Nirvana - Sliver Velvet Revolver - Slither A Perfect Circle - Judith New York Dolls - Dance Like A Monkey Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick Needles - Teenage Bomb Fickle Public - 5-4 To The Floor Boy Kill Boy - Civil Sin The Libertines - Death on the Stairs Joy Division - Interzone Maximo Park - Going Missing The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control The Strokes - The Modern Age The Automatic - Raoul Interpol - Evil Muse - Supermassive Blackhole Soho Dolls - Stripper White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button The Futureheads - Skip to the End Talking Heads - Psycho Killer The Cure - Just Like Heaven Editors - Blood The Bravery - Honest Mistake Fratellis - Creeping up the Back Stairs Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California Biffy Clyro - Glitter and Trauma Foo Fighters - Breakout My Chemical Romance - I'm Not OK (I Promise) Dandy Warhols - Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth Ash - Burn Baby Burn Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me Jimmy Eat World - The Middle Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister We Are Scientists - The Great Escape The Automatic - Monster Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead The Clash - London Calling Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker Green Day - Hitchin' A Ride Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby Panic! At the Disco - But It's Better if You Do Modest Mouse - Float On Placebo - Every Me, Every You Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy
  10. and buy the new scar symmetry album, and the new textures album too. Scar symmetry sound like arch enemy mixed with soilwork + the ocassional hint of SYL + incredible musicanship and the best solos ever. Oh, and great epic choruses with wicked vocals! dan atom
  11. I'd totally forgotten about California Dreams and about Pugwall...the memories are wonderful.
  12. In an ironic twist of events, I have found out that the reason the video got posted up here was because stripey infact knows one of the emcees. In turn stripey informed his brother of the video who happens to be one of my buddies at uni, and he mass emailed it to everyone in the class. I then copied and pasted the email up here.... how very odd.
  13. I like my job working in everyone's (well, some's) favourite pub and club. People often ask why I've been there so long, but I actually really enjoy it, especially when it's really busy. I'm also a student and have a job as a trainee solicitor lined up when I finish uni in a year and a half.
  14. Recently I have bought: The Loved Ones - Keep Your Heart Squad Five-0 - Late News Breaking and Bombs Over Broadway Lawrence Arms - Oh Calcutta Bigwig - Reclamation They are all very good albums and I am very glad to now own them all. I currently am awaiting the delivery of: Caffeine - Symphony Lawrence Arms - Cocktails and Dreams The Loved Ones - s/t I hope I will enjoy these cds just as much.
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