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Originally posted by Davey Boy:

drinking game :):rockon:


Yay! Winner two weeks in a row (after masterminding a "cheat" chant for the pro drinkers), i gave the grail to some random bum as it fell appart and covered me in black stuff. But today's probably one of the worst morning after's i've had in a while.

I've also got proper burn marks on my elbows and knee, its totally painfull ;( (due to the bungee running whatever thing-ma-jig. Another totally rocking night!!!!!!

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We had the bungee run which proved to be even more popular than the bucking bronco. Whe had more decor. We had the back room open for chillout (mainly because that darned bungee thing took up soooo much space) We had different(!) hosts. We had more pumping tunes. We just plain have more. And even more in store for next week. PM me with any suggestions. (Flik , not Jonny)


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AWESOME night.

That's the only time i've ever gone into a club and willingly danced like a loony.

Great atmosphere.

My elbows hurt like bejesus due to friction burns caused by the bungee running! (They look like somebody's stubbed fags out on my elbows... X-( )

And....Rukkus Old Laydees!!!


I'll be there next week fo' sho'.

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