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Football Manager 2015


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The new game is released in 3 days, has anyone else got their preorder in ? Apparently this one is another quite big change with a new interface. The biggest complaint I've seen so far is that there are a lot of own goals, I'm sure that'll be changed in the first update.


Some Reviews










I haven't played the beta but looking forward to it as always :)

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One thing i have noticed with this version is crosses are overpowered right now, im making David Moyes look like a tactical genius right now with the number of wasted crosses my dons team is churning out. I have to keep checking that Pawlett hasnt morphed into a white Tony Valencia.

Totally annoyed my squad by refusing to give Pawlett a new contract when Celtic bid for him, which is frustrating. 

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I though 14 was far too hard, too fiddly and there was too much emphasis on tactics. I'm used to just signing the best players and steamrollering everyone, with this one I would have 11 superstars lining up at home to QPR, have the team set up wrong and be 3-0 down by half time. And it never tells you what you're doing wrong. You're just meant to know. You'd win or two on the bounce and think you'd turned a corner then get stuffed 4-1 by a team you should be turning over without even trying. Not one part of that game was fun. I feel like they've made it so inaccessible for new players as well. Like if you don't pay much attention to real life football tactics you've almost no chance of achieving anything in the game.

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Are any of The Dons' players deemed anygood in the game?  Will Jacko be off to a Sunderland? 


Pawlett is like real life, electric for some games, goes missing for others. Jack is really solid without being spectacular. Taylor is rash, but solid. Logan is mr consistent with a really annoying habit of wasting the ball.


They have it quite spot on this year. 

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Well I don't know anything about driving a Formula 1 car either, but I can win at that game. And I don't know much about sending an army into frontline combat but I can beat Call of Duty. It's a game. I want my games to be fun and something that I can beat by learning it through playing it.

Your probably right, FM is becoming more complex and harder to master, because thats what most want. Its boring just buying the best players, picking an 11 and hitting continue for the next 3 weeks. You can learn plenty in FM, but to do it, you need to really work at it. The answers wont just land on your lap.


Your kinda comparing apples and oranges as well. COD is not a replication of war at all, its a shooting game designed to mimic a war like scenario, FM actually attempts to follow real life football where possible, they are completely different.

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Just installed 15. I've been staring at the playable countries list for about half an hour. I just can't decide who the first save should be with. It's a huge commitment. I think I'll have to sleep on it and scour Wikipedia in the morning for an interesting club.


Otherwise, I'll go as my beloved Wehen Wiesbaden. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE MARCO CHRIST ANYMORE. Heartbreaker.

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So, players are just bastards now, right? All of 'em. There's no opportunity to win them over with the promise of Champions League football in the near future. They just set their sights on leaving, and that's it.


I told Vietto he couldn't leave, and he snides back and says "Just wait until my team mates hear about how you have treated this situation." The snitchy little cunt.


If a player doesn't immediately get his way, the agent is promptly on the case, demanding buttloads of money.


Big Bastard is a fish out of water.

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