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The World Cup 2014 Thread


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Yaldy. I'm very much looking forward to a bit of World Cup escapism, though this has been tempered somewhat as I'm on holiday for the first two weeks. Balls.


Anyway, I'd usually root for the team containing the most Newcastle players, but I feel very detached from our current group of players so I don't feel like cheering for France. So I'll probably "support" Italy, because I like Italian football, and I love dudes like Cassano, Pirlo, De Rossi, etc. The squad is actually very good, particularly in midfield, where they have the personnel to play a number of different killer combinations. I'm glad Antonio Cassano is in the 30 too, because he's had a career-best season at Parma.


I've no idea what type of system Prandelli will play though. There's been talk of three at the back (which would make sense with the Juventus trio of CBs -- Chiellini, Barzagli, Bonnuci) and Cassano playing as a false nine, with no conventional centre forward. I'm hopeful that Rossi regains some sharpness during the training camp, because Mario Balotelli just cannot be relied upon, though the likes of Alessio Cerci and Ciro Immobile are coming-off outstanding seasons. Realistically, I think the semi-finals is about as good as they can expect.


I also want Nigeria to do well, because Shola.

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Italy used to be my favourite international team outside of Scotland. World Cup 94 was probably when I went from having a passing interest in football to being in love with the sport. I adored Roberto Baggio and was devastated when he and Italy lost the final. I just couldn't believe it happened, I was so sure they were going to win. From that moment on I really wanted to see Italy win a major tournament to make up for it and I've never quite liked Brazil. With them finally winning it in 2006 and all the 90s players retiring I don't feel as strongly about them now but they are still one of a few counties I like to do well.


I like Spain obviously but would prefer to see someone different win this time, unless they play like the Euro 2012 final in every match. Argentina always seem to have players that I like and it would be brilliant if they won it in Brazil. I want Ghana to do well because I lived there for a bit, I doubt they'll match last time's performance though.

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Favourite world cup moments?


Fabio Grosso's goal against Germany. 


This is possibly my favourite football match ever. It was brilliant. No goals for 118 minutes but it was still 10/10 for excitement all the way through, both sides attacked and went for it as much as they could. Just when it seems that it will have to be settled by penalties Pirlo slips a lovely ball to Grosso who curls a perfect shot in to the goal. The explosion of joy which follows is what the world cup is all about. Grosso's celebration is so similar to Tardelli's famous one that you could think it was a deliberate copy but it comes across as a genuine unplanned moment. Del Piero then follows up with an amazing second goal just to make it even better. 

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Chris, I'm sure it will be within your powers to do this...


The winner of this tournament gets to have their status (or whatever it's called - the bit where it says "Active Member" for me) changed to World Cup Winner for 4 years, right?


Could change their member title, sure.

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