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The boring "recommend me an iPad case" thread

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I've got one of those smart covers.




In red.


I like it.


The only thing I don't like about it is when you have it "standing up" it's quite unstable - if you want to press play or pause on a youtube video or something, it's almost impossible to do it without holding the ipad in one hand and pressing the play button with the other.  I understand that that sounds quite seedy, but my experience of this being a problem is entirely innocent.


[Real life example]


On occasion (usually on holiday), my young daughter plays up at bed time.  There's a great lullabies video on youtube that really helps to send her off to sleep, and more lately, youtube videos of Peppa Pig help to calm her down.


Usually, when this is being used, I'll have Ella cuddled up on one arm, rendering that hand useless, with the ipad set up at the side and I can only use one hand to use it.  If she has nodded off and I'm trying to turn off the youtube video, it can be very easy to knock the ipad over and cause a kerfuffle and more noise than having just left it running.  And the video is still running.


[/Real life example]


Other than that, the smart cover is great.  It doesn't add any bulk to the ipad and it protects the screen well.  You can flip the ipad round and set it down on the triangular prism shape that the cover makes when folded up so it's at an angle of about 30 degrees or so - which is good for typing on and is very stable.

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Well, yes and no.


Been busy for the past couple of hours, but just logged in here for a looky...


Fair enough - I transport mine always in my gay man bag (which is designed with iPad specifically in mind), which protects it quite well.  I decided to not get too bothered about the back getting scratched, although I am careful to not scrape it across surfaces etc.

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I have a kindle and was thinking of getting a cover for it. Hmmmm plenty of choice out there. then I got on a plane a couple of weeks ago and the person sitting next to me had a cover that looked like a book......FFS no way that would fit into my hipper for a quick read in the works bog.


On the subject of kindles...I was on the kindle forum thing and somebody thought they they had been sold a second hand book. Now what bawheid would think that? The world is full of crazy people!!!

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