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What's your price?


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Who knows where this thread will go but following on from a discussion I was having with a friend, I think it'd be interesting to see what everyone's price for various things would be. It's easy to say 'no way, i'd never do that. Not even for a million pounds!' but in reality most of us would do quite a lot for a million pounds and much much less.


eat a worm = 10 quid

pint of my piss = 30 quid

pint of someone else's piss = 100 quid.

If we can steer it in a tasteful direction (as much as possible), I think it'd be interesting to see what everyone would be willing to do and for how much.

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One thing I wouldn't do for any amount of money in the world would be ingesting any crazy bath salts type drug that you have no idea how you'll be spat out at the end. Not worth the risk, i'd want to be certain that i'd know what money is afterwards.
Not bath salts but I've done that too. 75 thousand hams later, I'm fine.
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Guest Giles Walker

Isn't that Bath Salts stuff just some variation of the Mephedrone stuff that was sold as 'plant food' over here?

Also, the dude who was eating some guy's face on the highway wasn't on bath salts it turned out...

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