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the month of GAVFEST

luscious vicar

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I'm playing' date=' and I still don't know how to get there. I don't even have details of my rider, lousy scumbags. Consider the party cancelled, I'm off to Achiltibuie where they know how to do it right.[/quote']

just drive south and let the sweet sweet music guide you there.

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THATS right you bunch of "GAV" festival-ers. just laugh it up.

if my 1.31 would just turn into a train ticket id be back there.

and with my new practice of staying up til forever, no one would be safe.

as it is....you're all completely safe.

but i can just the smell the sweeet gav coated love fest on the dank, musky air wafting over from north east scotland...

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Guest lime ruined my life

i was going to buy tonic wine, but i dont know how to get down there and drink aswell and then drive back, gaghag.

its turning into disaster times 20.

i better get on with it.

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