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UTG Fund Raiser - Frid 25th June

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Friends of Union Terrace Gardens in conjunction with Interesting Music Promotions are delighted to announce a fantastic event & the first in a series of benefit shows. All proceeds from the evening go to the Friends of Union Terrace Gardens fund which is the focal point of retaining our BEAUTIFUL but needing investment, Union Terrace Gardens.

Go check whats going on & sign-up

Friends of Union Terrace Gardens

Friends of Union Terrace Gardens - what can YOU do to help? | Facebook

interesting music promotions on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Frid 25th June 2010

Doors 8pm

Cafe Drummonds Belmont Street

Entrance Tax 5 or more*

If you pay more than 5 you will get free an iconic I ? UTG badge that you will see people wearing about our city.

MC Alan Davidson

artists appearing in no particular order

Min Diesel

Myke Black


Drummin Aboot (djembe drummers extraordinaire)

Simon Gall + Steve Crawford

Hoshimoto Jones

Steven Milne & his solo possee

plus a couple of surprises............

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This is coming together very nicely.

I'm not adding the surprises as you should attend as its a class line-up of eclectic sounds

Thanks to all those who expressed an interest in playing this, you names & contacts are noted for next time.....

Its extremely important people are aware we are fighting for the survival of natural green space in Aberdeen & Westburn Park is also going to be FLOGGED OFF...not good

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Even the One Party Totalitarian State that is Glasgow City Council aren't this depraved, mind you the UK seems determined to hive everything off to carpetbagging profiteers. We approach the logical conclusion of the Thatcherite experiment that brought you the MRSA crisis through private contracting of hospital cleaning.

*sighs* I'd pardon the fuckwits if it came to executing them, there is never any justification for Capital Punishment. Can someone good at Photaeshop not make some Ian Wood; Enemy of the People of Aberdeen graphics/posters or some shit like that, and put them everywhere.

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bit late;

but this was a great night. really heart-warming to see so many people there. one of the best atmospheres at a gig i've seen for quite some time.

any more information on what's happening on the 18th of July?

thanks for your excellent comments, lots of people havew said iot was a great night

& ALL the artists were pretty much the same.

18th July sees a BIG Lunch in UTG a very much improvised affair but look out for some

lovely cooking get ups.....................

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