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Wildhearts Accoustic Show

lava p.

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That's if 'Fact' means 'In my own delusional little world'...

You're bring delusional if you think Finch are fit to lick Ginger's shit. In fact I think even mentioning both bands in one sentence is a terrible insult to the Wildhearts.

We get back from tour and then get to see the Wildhearts. It doesn't get much better than that. Alright!

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Guest highroller
Heh. Seems I'm not the delusional one.

Finch have had one pseudo-hit promoted by a string of disappointing live shows. Hmmmm....

Youre wrong but...hey....

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Boring, boring, BORING argument. Stop it now, or I'll slap you all silly.

Wildhearts - Ace. Looooong time fan. New stuff ain't as good as old. Still enjoyable, and will be an ace gig.

Finch - Newish. Ace album, full of SONGS and TUNES and RIFFS. Pretty damn good when I saw 'em at Tuts. Just cos they're "now" sounding, doesn't make 'em bad.

Get. A. Grip. All of you.

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