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Afro Droid

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Saturday 24th July at Dr Drakes, rounding off (I think) Fudge's 5th b'day celebration!

8pm doors, 4 Doortax. I'm sure there'll be some kind of DJ-action too.

BROKEN OATH have been gigging frequently in Glasgow and the rest of the UK, playing with bands such as ARKANGEL (belgium), 50 CALIBER (uk), BURNING SKIES (uk), UNSANCTUM (uk), DEAD BLUE SKY (usa), CONVERGE (USA) 9TH PLAGUE (US) AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (usa), MAYPOLE (netherlands), DEVOLVED (australia), and LIAR (belgium), among others. Their first demo CD has been well received, and has sold many copies, and there is now a split CD with EVISCERATE AD (uk), released by UNITY WORLDWIDE. Following this release the band made their first trip to mainland Europe, playing three dates in Belgium, with bands such as DESTINY (germany), DAY OF CONTEMPT (australia), and others.

Drawing influences from the wide spectrum of extreme music, and using elements of all different styles, they create dynamic music that can be both brutal and discordant, but also dark and emotional. The aim is, regardless of genre or style, to make music they all enjoy, and to strive to provide an increasingly animated and adrenalin fueled live show.

SMALL ENCLOSED AREA (nice sire BTW!), in their own words "formed late in 1999 in the small town of Elgin. By the summer of that year we had acquired quite a range of songs and we were asked to play our first gig in Forres along with Purple Munkie and Deadloss Superstar. After the gig we received some constructive criticism as well as some positive feedback, which was surprising as we thought the gig went a bit shit. We refined our sound over the next half year phasing out more of the lighter edged songs for a heavier sound.

In December 2000 we played our first Aberdeen gig at a Fudge Frenzy. We had great fun and not only that people seemed to like us which gave us a huge confidence boost. That set the ball rolling and in 2001 we started to play a lot more gigs, Inverness, Elgin, Lossiemouth but mainly in the Aberdeen area.

The highlight of 2001 was being asked to play at a Fudge Night at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. This gig went well and we all enjoyed the experience of playing at such a good venue. In the audience that night was manager of Andover based label Hackpen Records - Stephen Crabtree. Despite only hearing only our last song he was impressed and asked to be sent a demo. After a few negotiations and after he saw us play in full he offered us a contract. We are recording our first EP for Hackpen this year with a Summer release in mind.

In November of 2002, Toonish unfortunatly left the band due to him wanting to concentrate on his studies at university just as the E.P was being released, leaving the four remaining membs unwilling to give up on something so hard worked on, employed another bassist Ross P... A friend and fan of the band, who also plays for Film #28."

RADIO LUCIFER make hardcore, heavy rock n'roll their raison detre. With clutch of tunes set to stun, RADIO LUCIFER are set to make a big impression with a full on nuclear assault that tips it's targeting systems to The Wildhearts, Motley Crue, Devin Townsend, Black Flag, The Backyard Babies and Sick of It All.

The bands history is an illustrious and decadent one formed after the untimely split of Psycho A Go-Go (Changes One records), front man Jonny decided that the kids needed the exciting, decadent, sleazy kicks of his former group married with the intensity and righteous anger of old-skool hardcore with a peppering of metal. With this in mind he called his brother JIMMY LUCIFER, already an alumnus of a number of hardcore/metal bands, including the mighty We Become Less (Lockjaw Records). Jimmy of course agreed in a second to take on the mantle of guitar player, allowing him to exorcise his love of Motley Crue and Black Flag simultaneously!

Radio Lucifers ascension has been a quick one, already the band have played a number of shows around Scotland with Canadian indie supreme Neil Leyton, a UK tour is in the works for September 2004, and a trip to the US is planned to take Radio Lucifers maniacal message to world at large, a message that appeals to fans of Cheap Trick and Slipknot alike.

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Guest Nikola Tesla

BROKEN OATH!!!!! :headbang::woohoo:

Ill be there :up:

Also looking at their list of past gig experiance and by the standard of them music and live show. WHY THE FUCK ARNT THEY SIGNED YET????

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Guest stuartmaxwell

small enclosed area will rock too, their upcoming ep is the best thing ive heard from an aberdeen band this year, superb stuff!!

mmmm crunchy

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Guest alex.

wow...what a mental bill...

hope broken oath get the police down again - just for the banter y'know - due to perfectly-controlled overwhelmingly-brutal noise...

good luck SEA and RL :D (you're gonna need it ;))

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Oh joy! I finish work this Saturday at a decent hour, therefore will finally - after much anticipation - get to witness those that are Radio Lucifer! And, as an added bonus Ace and his Dj-ing wizardry! In the words of Mr. Lucifer himself, it shall be a night to remember! I can't wait :devil:

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So who the hell's playing on that night now?????

Hopefully someone heavy as fuck. I reckon I shall be attending and hoping for a right good headbang, and no doubt some finger dancing. Heard nothing but good things about Broken Oath, and heard their split with Eviscerate AD, so I'm looking forward to this one.

And Valhella after words! * que the waynes world moment * Excellent! :up:

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