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Stornoway - 11/04/10 @ Snafu


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What was the first act called? I would like to marry her right now please. She was amazing.

Deportees were bloody sensational again. That full on, pop-folk git ("Death/Birth of Industry"?) should be number one for the rest of the year and its not even their best song. Mightly impressed again chaps.

Stornaway were ok, I could have given them more of a chance but they didn't really grab my attention terribly much. Hadn't heard much of them in the first place though which is maybe why.

There were too many chatty folk in Snafu last night which was a bit annoying but whatchagonnado?

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Guest Gladstone

You Deportee fuckers were meant to remind me about this...

I would have definitely been there...

I probably wouldn't have made it anyway, but the blame must lie solely with you...

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Ty ty for all the kind words. I loved every second of the show, I thought we were on form. Snafu is always fun to play and the crowd was great. My favourites of ours were the brand new one - Alibis - and Bastard. Industry seemed to go down like a grunny on an icy morn with the crowd, which was pretty nice, and closing with All Night seemed to work.

Stornoway were ridic tight and had some mighty fine songs. Good band imo.

Not a massive fan of female singer-acoustic acts, so I didn't pay her a whole heap of attention.

[sexism] Nice bangers though [/sexism]

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I thought it was a pretty good gig last night, well organised, decent attendance etc

Rachel was great. I liked her songs and her voice. Her between song banter was pretty bum though, but she seemed like a shy sort so it added to the charm.

Deportees: I've tried to like them musically but they just don't do it for me. They're all good musicians and i can appreciate that the songs are well structured/written and the delivery was great as well. It's just not the sort of thing i would go out of my way to listen to. Having said that i would still watch them if they were playing at a gig i was already at. They reminded me a little of Midlake.

Stornoway: Very tight, nice sound (maybe a touch "Decemberisty", but that's not a bad thing) and seemed fairly genuine as well. Liked the storytale element of the songs. What was the deal with the no cello action? Singer had a nice clear voice as well.

Nicely put together gig, all the acts complemented each other. I had a good time :up:

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