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The xcerts + flood of red @ tunnels

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The artists formerly known as Colder Climate, who were formerly known as Turning Thirteen and are now currently know as Turning Thirteen. Great band.

I actually like their music. I was merely making a point that it would take only a quick glance on the internet to find out who they are. But you knew that, I'm sure.

Monmatre never ever seem to play gigs so I'm really looking forward to seeing them. Pity that Flood of Red are playing.

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Guest Gladstone

Listened to the X-Certs album on the way to work this morning - it's fucking magic. I wasn't overwhelmed the first time I listened, but it's really grown on me.

I won't manage this gig unfortunately because I've just got too many nights out.

(I will definitely be at Drummonds on Friday though)

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