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  1. Was looking into this myself and really interested in the Line 6 Relay G30 - is there much difference between this and the G50?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here could name some other 14+ venues in Aberdeen apart from Drummonds + Tunnels as they are not too keen on putting on shows with under 18s bands unless it has a high expected outcome of people. I completely understand this but was wondering if anyone knew anyother venues that are happy to put on shows with under 18 bands no matter the expected outcome. Cheers x
  3. Bump Anyone interested at all? Open to all offers.
  4. Sportcraft Monument Billiard Table inc/ cue's , billiard ball set + triangle rack. Features: * Genuine wood veneer finish for furniture styling * 25 mm bi-laminated MDF play surface * Solid wood claw legs accentuate the table from the ground up * Pro-style leather-topped drop pockets endure even the hardest hit shots * Traditional wool blend billiard cloth for consistent roll and durability * Full profile K-66 rubber cushions for dynamic rebound * Assembled Dimensions: 100 x 56 x 31.5 Overall good condition with small amount of chips in wooden surrounding. RRP : 458 Looking for around 225 but open to offers. Pick-up only. Thanks. x
  5. Think that's it sold out now. Someone told me it sold out yesterday at 6pm! :O
  6. Hey, Just wondering if there was any free photographers out there who does promotional band shots? Would be great to hear for you. Would need you for this sunday coming. Sorry for short notice Cheers Craig
  7. So overall would you say Chem19 or Seagate would be a better choice?
  8. I think it would be 2 songs and for a small single/ep release. Cheers
  9. About 300-350 probably. Maybe 400. A hardcore/screamo band (influcnes ADTR) And Aberdeen.
  10. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knew any good quality studios in scotland that came at a good price , nothing too pricey. Cheers x
  11. CraigO

    Boss ds-1

    Hi Guys, Looking to sell my BOSS DS-1. Mint Condition. Hopefully for about 25. Open to Offers. Cheers
  12. Hey guys, Does anyone have the Laney LV-300 Head. I've been looking into it and it seems like something I'm interested in. Just wondering if anyone has played it or knows a better amp for such a good price. Cheers
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