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  1. geo1903

    Venue For Use, little or no charge

    How's progress with this venue?
  2. Yes, just saw the date and thought `shite, I've missed that somehow`. All is well again.
  3. geo1903

    Things that are new

    Good work imp folk.
  4. geo1903

    What Cd's have you been buying recently?

    Playing The Lemon Tree very soon, the patter might well be as good as the choons.
  5. geo1903

    Let's talk about gigs

    One of the best threads on A-M in my humble. The majority of you coonts are far too young though. Yours, Depressed of Aberdeenshire.
  6. geo1903

    So...The New Interface

    A clean look would make it better for folks on their mobiles. Theres a couple of advert heavy forums I browse are just shite to use whilst on my mobile with graphic ads along the top and sides etc,as a graphic loads it flicks the forum thread `over a bit` so frustrating at times. Just something to consider as you develop the new layout.
  7. geo1903

    So...The New Interface

    The colours might be a grower, I dunno. Maybe not so good for folks browsing at work but thats maybe a long gone issue nowadays. I did like the wee bits of info at the side which showed who was in which band, handy at times. Signatures can be okay, except maybe for folks who use maximum sized grapics in theirs and post a hundred times a day, it gets a bit tedious for the rest of us then. Let the site run as it is for a week as it is then gather some feedback, sometimes its just a case of getting used to the new look or controls.
  8. I often play a `guess the local support` game in my head. But I never get it right, ever. So I won't suggest The Lorelei.
  9. geo1903

    Venue For Use, little or no charge

    This sounds exactly like something I've been looking for but not sure how keen Aberdeen based gig-goers are to travel oot to Turra. *strokes beard and ponders*
  10. geo1903

    Bruce Millers

    Would Bruce Millers have survived had they relocated to Union Square? Aberdeen loves a shopping mall.
  11. geo1903

    Just got a Virus alert from this site.

    Same here, last night and also this morning.
  12. geo1903

    The Answer

    Sat the 22nd I believe fella.
  13. geo1903

    Quick Questions

    I think you want the latest version of youtube downloader K.
  14. Some good discussion on this thread. Having seen a fair bit of the Sound City stage performers at Rockness I'd say that quite a few acts who have showcased would not have looked out of place on it and I'll include Crooked Little Vein in that. Apart from the obvious (a bands sound, originality, even their following) I think their professionalism and probably experience would count too. Pretty poor show to have endless "banter" with less than 10% of the crowd who know who or what a band is commenting on when all people do is hear you play. Lose the ten minutes of bullshit speak and get another song in there. I'm quite looking forward to see who gets chosen in the end, there's a few local bands who can pull a crowd at any time so they're probably in with a shout but also acoustic types (Fox, Richards, etc) who will also hold their own on a festival stage. I cant help thinking that it'd be great if one of our local bands got to open the main stage though, how good would it be to see a crowd in front of the main stage (unlike Rockness) on both days from the word go. Stanley on a sunny afternoon to a large festie crowd? How good would that be? Or Tijuana, The Lorelei, Haho, and so on. Keep the local stage a decent distance any from the others so there is no clash of sound, make it clear to attendees who is on, and when (a board outside the tent that can be updated if things fall behind or whatever) and you'll be doing well.