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  1. Thankyou very much for listening. The video is now streaming over at Kerrang!, the world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine... on-line! Enjoy.
  2. Tickets are definitely onsale at One Up now. Should be a good one,
  3. It certainly is Mr Smit, what a cameo! the video was filmed in my back garden, hence all the familiar faces. Thankyou very much for watching it. We knew that Ross....It's all for you
  4. Head over to Kerrang!, the world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine... on-line! to see our new music video for 'Nightschool'. It's released on October 5th with a grand remix of 'Home Versus Home' by the Blueskies. We're playing The Tunnels on the 28th of this month, and then we play Moshulu/The Warehouse (whatever) with Funeral For A Friend on the 22nd of October. Hope to see some friendly faces there. x
  5. Sorry men of Fudge. We still love you!!! The show will be amazing, they are an incredible live act.
  6. It's a really great record! There's a couple of folky songs on there, but mainly it's a massive pop record. It sounds like they are having alot of fun. The single 'Readers and Writers' is a hit in my eyes, it's like Idlewild meets Flaming Lips, win. A few moments on the album remind of Springsteen which is never a bad thing. x
  7. The Kernal Loaf - you are a good man. Qzdiablo - The kind of hug that leaves you wanting more. I can't give you more though.
  8. I think you've missed Milner's point completely. I know there are some people on this forum that enjoy our band, enough to want to vote for us at the Kerrang Awards. However, some of the people that are willing to help us out, may not know that the Kerrang awards voting malarky is now open. I'm just spreading the word.
  9. Hello everyone, i hope you're eating and sleeping well. I was wondering if you could help my band out. If you could vote us 'Best British Newcomer' for this years Kerrang awards, we would be extremely grateful. I'd repay you by giving you a really good hug. Kerrang Awards 2009 - Best British Newcomer x
  10. Credit for our sound must go to Nelly, he did a pretty cracking job with the amount of time we were given to soundcheck. Scott did however work his fucking arse off that night in order to keep the diva happy. x
  11. Hey guys, the lovely people at Kerrang.com have posted a tour blog written by Jordan, and it would be most appreciated if you guys could leave a wee comment saying how much you enjoyed reading the blog, or even just how much you enjoy us. If they see that people enjoy reading about us, they will give us more coverage. Don't enjoy our music or our faces? Man up and fucking lie. Kerrang! K! Exclusive: The Xcerts tour blog Thankyou. x
  12. I personally can't stand the Horrors, but i'm very interested to see how the Manics cover turns out. When Dave Eringa asked JDB about the track, he said, 'the song is alright, i just wanted to show them how it's done'.....WINNER!
  13. 'I don't think BSP need money chucking at them, they're not doing too badly!'. Haha, trust me, a band like British Sea Power will be delighted to get some money. Do you really think a band like them make much money? Just because a band sell out a couple of venues and have a video on tv, doesn't mean they are making good money. The Horrors have asked the Manics to cover one of their songs instead of taking money. I think the track will be released on a free cd with the NME at some point.
  14. Steve Albini didn't produce the whole record, there's an interesting fact the label and press chose to ignore. Everyone's got to have an angle. I'm not a Manics fan, but the new album sounds fantastic. May i also add, the new Idlewild album is glorious. x
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