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The Trophy & Achievement point thread

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Thought I'd start a thread for those to discuss what achievements you are stuck on or require help with. What games would you consider easy to get points on and what game you are playing on just now?

Do you prefer story releated achievements or ones that require skill/luck?

I am working my way through Dead Space & Resident Evil 5. After thouroughly enjoying the game and story I have gone back to finish off the final achievements and get upto 1000. There are multiplayer achievements available now so I'm on the look out for a partner who wants to get the same achievements on team survival.

My List of easy-ish games finished in order of completion!

  • Oblivion (1250), Call of Duty 2 (1000), Worms (200), Golden Axe (200), Condemned (970), Jericho (1000), King Kong (1000), NBA 2k6 (1000), Frontlines (1000), Bully (1000), Viking (1000), DoD (200), Fight, Night 3 (1000), Lost (1000), Silent Hill 5 (1000), Godfather 2 (1000), CSI - Hard Evidence (1000), Quantum of Solace (1000), Afro Samurai (1000)

I have many other games with over 800 score or those well over 1000 but not fully finished IE. Fallout 3 (1140/1350).

Got that one last achievement to get but just can't?

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I'm not a very good score whore. I think about 2/3rds of Resident Evil 5's achievements is the best I've done. I got 50% of Space Giraffe's before I started going crazy.

The ones I wouldn't mind the satisfaction of completing completely would be Mass Effect and Fallout 3. Getting all the achievements on an RPG is probably easier than a shooter if you use the wikis.

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fuck me! that gamerscore is inhuman!

Do you ever go on any xbox forums? x360a.org if you check out the leader boards there is a guy with 300,000 +

He must rent a few games over night and complete them over night. All of his games are at least 800+ completed too. And he Can't possibly download his games illegally, there is no way a guy with a gamer score that big would go unnoticed and get blacklisted by xbox live.

Yeah. MS is doing a few sweeps. Recently re-set alot of peoples scores for cheating on GoW2.

I'm on 360voice. Preffer the community there, alot of nice guys and gals. Sometimes browse through the official ones but never on the achievement orientated sites... unless im stuck!

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Getting stuck on games was how i discovered x360a, i like smaller communities where you can start to recognize certain members, like on here, there is only so many members you come across. I'm not on x360a alot because in the discussion the threads are huge and the discussion is dull because it's just lists of opinions and no real discussion at all.

How big is 360voice?

It keeps growing! But it's still a sound place, been there 3 years now to the month and its pretty cool. You get a blog thingy aswell which reads the data from xbox live then comes up with an automated entry for the day.

Here's mine!

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The only games i've ever boasted about completing was the Teenage Mutant Hero (Ninja?) Turtles and the Simpsons Arcade coin games when I was about 9 or 10. There was a crowd of about 15 folk around me on those last levels :)

My most recent joy was almost completing the Star Wars game in the old Aberdeen Union just before it shut. So nearly lightsabered Vader's skull to bits...

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I have 980/1000 on CoD 4.

That fucking aeroplane mission on Veteran ruins my life though.

Me too, except the last 20gs I need is to collect all 30 Intel... which I did but forgot to turn off cheats... so it's lost forever...

Can now add Wolverine to my 1000/1000 games completed... Next up Wanted, and Guitar Hero Aerosmith...

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