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Anybody here watch it?

I think they're wrapping up the end of the fifth series pretty badly IMO. No need to do what they did to kutner, but something big had to happen, plus kal penn's supposedly going to be working in the american presidency for a while. Still intriguing none the less to see how kutners situation will pan out.

Still, cant beat house being a total bastard though.

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read if you dare!

kutner commits suicide by shooting himself in his apartment. no explanation was given or figured out. it fucked house up a lot, and his vicodin addiction worsens to the point where he just loses it.

also, finale spoiler

realising he was worse than ever on vicodin, he asks cuddy for help to detox - which he succeeds in, with her help - and they end up having sex.

the next day, he's over the moon about his conquest, going as far as to announce to the entire hospital that he'd slept with her by shouting it across the foyer. she then points out she never did help him detox - she had actually gone home before he asked her for help. House then realises the whole "detox" scenario was merely his imagination; the vicodin having affected his mind to the point where his whole life is essentially a big hallucination. the episode ends with chase and cameron finally getting married, and house being taken to a mental hospital by wilson.

it makes you wonder just how much of the latter half of s5 was hallucinated, at least the final two episodes were mostly hallucinations.

again, click if you really dare

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he's signed up til 2012, got a few more years left in house yet thankfully :) s6 is in the middle of filming and comes out with a 2hour premier episode in september

while the s5 ending was bloody good, the finale episodes of s4 were two of the best things i've ever seen on television, behind the final episode of battlestar galactica season 3 and the Dalek episode from the first series of the new doctor who

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I've watched the first 4 seasons and i'm 18 episodes through season 5. Not enjoying season 5 as much as previous seasons but it's still enjoyable.

My favourite episodes were the Tritter storyline during season 3.:up:

All in all top show and defintiely worth a watch, the older series are shown most nights on the Hallmark channel (130 on sky). That's how I got into it originally, watching odd episodes here and there.

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House is a brilliant show... Season Six should be out in the States next month which is eagerly awaited. As for the finale of Season Five, how you could not want more after that I don't know! I do have a little smug satisfaction knowing that they didnt want a British actor to play House and Laurie was then praised by the Director for being a great 'American actor'. Still makes me chuckle.

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