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Shield Your Eyes + Pneu + Cap Sant! @ Cellar 35


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Shield Your Eyes

Hailing from London. A unique power-trio playing jazz-charged post-hardcore in amongst a variety of ever-changing time signatures. ex Meet Me In St Louis and Strobe 45 members.

"Together they play music of the indescribable (note: unique) punky post-hardcore loud noisy beasty guitar riffs in melodic lo-fi beautiful ways with grinding time changes. Sometimes instrumental (like post rock on LSD) sometimes not (like grown men shouting at grown men & women liking being shouted at) in 3 minute sessions of bliss."


Noisey math rock from a guitar and drum 2-piece from France like Lightning Bolt.

"All Pneu's press was in french, but can be seen at their Myspace blogs"

Cap Sant!

Local boys playing emo-tinged and outrageously catchy pop tunes. For fans of Meneguar and Braid.

"emo + stop starty + sentimental imagry + occasional shouty bit"

Cellar 35.

16th March.

Doors 8pm.


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this could have easily bveen the recording for 'come on melissa...' i think their drummer has a little snare too which is cool.

aye i was gonna make it 4, but i didn't wanna charge that much. so i'm just winging it and hoping a ton of people come. if not i got a massive overdraft i can pay shield your eyes with!!! i love RBS for that.

I <3 >3 :)

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Yes! please do come down. If we get 30 peeps down the Cellar should make it seem not empty, and therefore, more fun!!!

really looking forward to this now. Pneu, who i wasn't sure about before, after many listens, are really starting to grow on me. they kind of remind me of Y Change Costume, in the way their songs are structured. Some really nice riffs and that.

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i've been really digging the Pneu stuff, actually, yeah! i wasn't that bothered first time round but it's growing on me. should be pretty off-teh-chain live!

hopefully liz can cook up a totally rad as poster with catchy fonts and diagrams and we can sell it like mad.

As long as you still sell for the gig the day after, I'm not too bothered.

Yeaaaah :up:

Will be at this

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Deadly serious question:

Do you reckon toby will get pissed off if I constantly sing MMISL lyrics in the vein attempt he will reform the band?

most definitely. i must must must remember to take my MMISL cd out of my player for once. god i loved that band.

saying this, but i will probz have had a drink by SYE and will be doing it anyway! Warden down the front giving it "tied up in electrical tape...!"

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