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Aberdeens nights out


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Guest idol_wild
A mate (40) of mines `home` for the next week or so and he was asking wheres best to go out in town nowadays?

I think he basically means where to go to pull a bird.

What should I tell him?

To get a grip? :up:

Erm, I don't know actually. I never manage to "pull birds" so I wouldn't know, but I guess there would be enough random slutage in Liquid or something?

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yeah head to babylon if he wears a suit jacket....its easy to pull in there.

I had my first Babylon experience on the last day of term in July, and was amazed at how sleazy the guys were in there. I think I stuck out a bit by being criminally underdressed and keeping my hands to myself for the evening.

Never again shall I visit, and I have since tried my best to dissuade my sister and female mates not to go.

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Jumping Jacks, O donohues, Soul

Last time I went into Jumping Jacks with my mate and got mistaken for his dad(i look that old) whilst he pulled the daughter

From that night on.... I was............... A Motherfucker 8-)

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