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  1. Saw Uncle Bob supporting the Electric Soft Parade @ the tunnels a couple of years back, the singer has a really good voice, sure they would be good to see in their own show. Was no real atmosphere for them as support, people talking through the set etc!
  2. i might be able to help with some numbers, depending on what it is your looking to do offshore, qualifications etc?
  3. The fucking press are a nightmare! they did the same with MRSA! and you used to get everyone going into the hospitals worrying about getting MRSA! Nuts! especially when theyve just had a heart attack or something!!! least of there fucking worries. If every fucker just practiced good hygiene then that would help greatly!
  4. HAHA, I`ve just cancelled my flat mates account! fuking fed up of him using up all the lecky! cant wait to see his reaction.
  5. With adjustments, Dont venture into this park at night! unless you like that kinda thing.
  6. I had a look and couldnt get for aberdeen, so going to glesga instead.
  7. The road is fuking hard, the road is fuking tough, theres no question that it is rougher stuff! Good luck with the hunting, Have you given the council a call? they normally employ students etc for work about this time of year, and i`m told the money is pretty decent too. Think its a lot of gardening work and such like.
  8. sorry not funny, i was bored at work!!!
  9. I used to work the door in exodus, and believe me its easier to get rid! rather than having to put up with looking at the grins on some drunken students face all night. it also shows the rest of the folk in there that we dont be taking none of that shit man! so behave or your gonna have to explain the footprint on your face to your mummies when you get home.
  10. Probably for another thread maybe, with the title best band names? but loving the name Schindlers Fist! quality. Makes me instantly think of some kind of German punk (for some reason).
  11. Loved the following comment relating to the article! Talking about the time that still scars her as a 5 year old! must have had a tough life, wander if she has been able to open up about her ordeal! "steve walker you are not a sensible adult that was a ridiculous comment and i cant believe you have good rating. Want to ask them now whether they wished they had got soaked or electrocuted? he might never see properly again.! At 5 i was caught with my family in a huge storm and it poured with rain we ran and ran until we got home and had warm baths and towels even then i knew not to stand under a tree." - lynne, northants, 19/6/2009 13:01 Warm baths and towels saved the day.
  12. Fucking elll is that some kinda mistake? 40 quid!!! thats nuts! but good too! fancy sharing the driving?
  13. Got a sneaky feeling that this will be my last een too! (at least until im in my 60s, grown my hair long (again), on acid, and someone like Shed Seven are on there 30th comeback tour). And my tent will just be a couple of sticks and a bin liner, with a peace flag outside. Mon Bri, you know you want too! Is big D still going? happy with the dance tent line-up? noticed the stay hip guys are playing too, gonna be full of illegal chicks!!! do anything for a sip of your pint! oooghhhh really want to try and get to a festival or two abroad next year - could use it as an excuse for tax purposes.
  14. Anyway it doesnt affect me and i cant say i have heard any of my mates complaining either.
  15. I`m just slightly confused as to what more should be done other than a poster in Bruce millers and a post on here?
  16. HAHA good point! just didnt like the way you put it across earlier in the thread, i have no desire to be involved in any type of promotion because it must be a major headache at times, and hats off to the guys who do it. I dont think about the effort thats gone in to putting a show on when im supping a pint and tapping my feet, or shaking my head depending on the quality on show! I have to say that i have never noticed promotion in Aberdeen being worse or better than any other time. Or more to the point whenever im staying in any other city throughout the UK, i go through pretty much the same means that have been listed here.
  17. I sure you never meant anything about the person, but some of those comments were pretty harsh and having a real go at the job he does. Fucking hell if you had worked your balls off doing your job and someone had come back with comments like what you guys had come out with, then would you not be pretty fucking pissed off? and comparing it to a previous promoter too! who i presume was perfect at his job. i honestly cant remember any difference? if i was looking for gigs to go too, i`d certainly look in more than one place.
  18. My point is that i think you were just being a wank, by having a go for your own amusement
  19. Yeah, thats fair enough but surely you shouldnt just sit back and rely on one source to let you know whats happening, or even one site. I admit that there must have been an oversight when it came to putting the details of the gig on here, but if you read back then i think its totally wrong to have a go in the way he has, as far as i was reading its pretty much a personal dig!
  20. Fucking hell man! I take it youve always had the internet to sort out your social life, how would you have managed back in the old days when (god forbid) you might have had to use a phone to get tickets or would you believe it - some people used to have to queue for tickets to see a music show! beats me how people could have found out about bands playing? To be honest seems to me like youve got a bit bored sitting at home and thought, now who can i take it out on? personally i`m not too sure what else the promoters can do? load speakers? walk about with billboards on?
  21. Delays - Valentine Shakespeares sister - Stay Barenaked ladies - if i had a million dollars TLC - waterfalls counting crowes - mr jones Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares to You POPUP - a year in a comprehensive
  22. Green Street 2 - oh dear!!! like a really bad version of Bad Girls (but with blokes). I actually enjoyed Green Street, but avoid this one at all costs!!!
  23. Curious, why where you walking like that?
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