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My main feeling was that Metallica were amazing and the performance was just as good as any I have seen on TV or DVD. The set list was a great mix. The atmoshpere was amazing and great crowd participation. They played for about 20mins extra which was awesom. Set list for anyone who cares included...

Setlist: Blackened


Ride The Lightning

Fade To Black


The Thing That Should Not Be

Holier Than Thou

St. Anger

Sad But True

Creeping Death



Wherever I May Roam

Nothing Else Matters

Master of Puppets


Enter Sandman


Jump In The Fire

Seek And Destroy

The songs from St Anger worked a lot better in a live situation and a few people who I was with who didn't like the album that much had their views changed.

As for rest of bands I saw Korn, Linkin Park and Machinehead were the best performances. Korn played Blind, Freak on a Leash and Somebody Someone which kept me happy. They really had the crowd going and when the bag pipes came out the place went insane.

Machinehead had a short set at under 40mins but played a great show and got a great reaction. Only ever seen them on TV before but was impressed. Oh and the circle pit they had at the front was MASSIVE.

Distellers sounded shit. I'm not meaning the music just the sound coming from PA wasn't brilliant. Brody made nearly no attempts to interact with audience and then once they were done they just walked off...didn't go down well with me regardless of wether or not it's cool to have an attitude. The "show us your tits banner" at the front was a nice touch.

Lostprophets...well didn't pay much attention as I was part of the greatest pit ever. Whilst on the left side of stage the pit was moshing our pit was all together different...piggy back fights, comedy break dancing, conga lines and a few other unusual practices were being done...it was hilarious.

Linkin Park were great. Good crowd interaction and songs I knew I really enjoyed. 40 year old skin head in the pit spoilt it as he went around kicking people but other than that they had one of the best performances of the show.

As for Iggy...the most entertaining part of his set was noticing his trousers were so tight you could see his tackle...on noticing this we ran away to get food/beer.

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Regardlss of wether you like the music or not you cannot say Korn were shit...perhaps if your talking about The Distillers but at least Korn have some great talent. Never liked Fieldys style but seeing it live combined with the drums was great...ohh and they did the double bass bit from Metallica's "One"...ace!

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NME.com review in the news section:

METALLICA put on a stunning performance to bring the first night of the SCOTTISH DOWNLOAD festival to a close last night (June 2) in GLASGOW, with a two-and-a-quarter-hour long set that left not one of the 16,000 fans disappointed.

The metal veterans, whose last gig in the city was eight years ago, were in an obviously cheerful mood as they played an 18-song set as the climax of the first afternoon's Download bill on Glasgow Green, with lead singer James Hetfield declaring jubilantly: "Glasgow - Metallica is with you!" after the opening volley of 'Blackened' from 1988's classic album '...And Justice For All' and 'Fuel For Fire', which set a dramatic opening scene with pyrotechnics.

While drummer Lars Ulrich was so full of energy he kept bounding out from behind his kit to egg on the audience, Hetfield joked and chatted with the crowd throughout the set. When a Scottish Saltire flag was thrown on stage during the first encore he picked it up and draped it across his amp to huge cheers from the audience, who were by now being drenched in a downpour.

Earlier in the day, HIM played their cover of Chris Isaak's hit 'Wicked Game', while Korn, whose singer Jonathan Davis performed in his customary black leather kilt with sporran, threw in a nod to headliners Metallica with a cover of their song 'One' from 'And Justice For All'.

Slipknot had also performed in the afternoon, and their lack of pyrotechnics was more than made up for by their variety of new masks and energetic performance.

Only two arrests have been reported, while fans commented on the great atmosphere. Lewis Andrew, 14, said: "It's been really good. Slipknot were pretty good, and Metallica are sounding great, that's who I'm really here to see. There aren't enough real rock festivals. I've been to T In The Park seven times and it's a lot lighter. This is really heavy and it's good." His friend David Adam, also 14, added: "All my favourite bands are playing, I can't wait to see The Stooges and Lostprophets will be good. I used to love Korn but they're going a little bit pussy for me. Metallica are rock legends! The atmosphere has been really good."

14 year old dude saying that Korn are 'going a little bit pussy' for him :rolleyes:

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i sold my ticket for the second day as the atmosphere on the wednesday was just so bad. Missed him on the wednesday but caught all the others. Thought there could have been more to do while waiting for the bands to appear apart from get food, drink, merchandise, pay a fortune for a fairground ride (that was playing dance music!!). Would have been far better if they had a second stage with local bands playing so you had an alternative.

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not every one likes slipknot and korn, also during the mammoth delay between korn and metallica would you not have liked to be able to go and hear good local bands as apposed to the piped music they were playing? Korn did a great job getting the crowd ready for metallica but the wait drained all the anticipation out of the crowd, a few local bands could have kept it going

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Personally I don't think too many people would have been interested in local bands with such a strong line up...regardless wether you are a Slipknot/Korn fan or no, because I know I'm not. The wait for Metallica wasn't that prolonged and it gave people enough time to get refreshed and find a space for what was going to be quite a long set. If you wanted more bands/things to do you should have gone to the "real" festival in Donington.

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Oh hell yea i got back from donington not long ago and it was rocking!!! although metallica was a little disappointing it was great to see them play with all the guest drummers.

Machine head's circle pit at donington, now that was a big pit, hardcore shit like.

The following bands rocked


holiday plan


arch enemy

biffy clyro

million dead

machine head

damage plan

i was only really diappointed with a few bands, i.e instruction, breed 77, il nino

HOwever the queing and waiting at donington was completely insane, the organising could of been done better by monkeys and not those smart space monkeys either.

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I`d love to have seen Pantera...

I was going to go to Donnington in 95 to see Aerosmith' date=' Therapy, Sepultura, Biohazard & Pantera but sadly couldn`t make it....

Ah well.....[/quote']

Wasnt that 94? I was there! It was fucking ace (sorry, dont mean to rub it in) Pantera Destroyed Sepultura IMHO, Extreme were laughed at, Aerosmith were actually really good!

I was there in 96 too, Fear Factory.... well I stood about 100 yards from the front thinking that would be ok since they were the first band on and I had 2 beers in my hands...wrong lol, the beers went everywhere.

Korn, were about to release Life is Peachy...they were ok

Type O Negative owned Donington!!!!! Pete Steele signed stuff for like 3 hours!!!!! and they have the best live sound ever. They are the best band I have ever seen live! Yes even better live than Devin Townsend, well not better but very good!

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