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  1. Hey, 18 year old guitarist looking for bassist, drummer and singer to start a band. Widely influenced by many artists/bands, however would love to create some melodic rock/metal noice. Experience, not all that important. If interested post here, or drop us a PM ... Thanx Greig.
  2. hey just wondered if there still is standing tickets left for this gig! As I'm yet to get my ticket... opps. does anyone know??
  3. *Blossom*


    Hey I'm looking for musicans to start a metal/rock/emo band with, I'm a 17 year old guitarist with a few song ideas down already. Looking for a bassist, drummer, and vocalist , no experience nessesary. As far as influences go i'm quite open minded, however i'm thinking along the lines of deftones, the used, biffy etc. If you're interested then please leave a message below/or pm thanx.
  4. heya i'm a 17 year old guitarist looking for members to start a band !! The style that i'm kinda of thinking of is melodic rock/metal !! With influences such as Far, Deftones, Tool, Trust Company, hell is for Heroes etc!!. If anyone is interested then just give me a PM . xthanx
  5. i thought all the bands were great, well except distillers who were just awfull. Metallica were mindblowing tho. Fun times
  6. I really need to get a t in the park ticket with weekend camping ! plz help me! .. PM me if you can help ! X
  7. got this off the radio 1 site... bands playing this years showcase gigs are... Monkeytribe, The Day I Snapped, MyCousinKate, Eric and the Bunny-Boilers, Chase, Stick Finlays, The Pedestrians, The Cinematics, Calvin, Nibushi Shang Hong, Ellis, DiRtBoX, All My Logic, Weird Attractors, Elkin, De Rosa, Venetian Love Triangle, Brainchild, The Contras, Small Enclosed Areas, His Girl Friday, Certain Death, Mangara, Red Bee Society, Team Salt, Allergo, Turning 13, Boss Star, Spindrift, Forced Asphixia, Major Major, Poor Old Ben, The February Solution, Cosmos, Fred, FB Collective, Luxury Car, Yard Emcees, Unkle Bob, Playtone, Lipsick!, Strange Feelings, Sporting Hero, Josephine, Aviator Shades, Last Great Wilderness, Painted Little Men, Pupkin.
  8. my vote would go to : Nickleback and The white stripes.
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