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the "hardcore" genre and music is fine by me, i like it, but the image they have is just so fucking gay! the hats, the straight edge thing, the XXX tattoos and the general scene, but the worsed, the ABSOLUTE WORSED!!!!!!!! is the dancing.... i HATE with a passion, hardcore dancing.

I like hardcore and i don't look like that. It's "worst" by the way.

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The guy who has set it up doesn't seem to have a clue what he's doing.

In relation to the chat box on the mainpage. Not very well run or professional.

To be fair, it's hosted on a free forums provider so he'll have very little control (if any) over the layout, functionality and design of his forums.

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I want to have a nosey... But not become a member... Am I just being stupid in not being able to find the posts or do you actually have to be a member to read them?!

Aye, you have to be a member to read anything. You're not missing out on much just now. There's an "introduce yourself" thread and a couple about gigs (the legacy and set your goals). On the whole it's a tad quiet.

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