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Radio 6 - BBC - 6 Music

The Stone Roses

Hear an amazing gig from The Leeds Town And Country Club in 1995 featuring the classic tracks Love Spreads, Waterfall and Ten Storey Love Song.

MusicWeek: Reading Festival, Bill Drummond, Johnny Marr and Bloc Party. 24 Aug 08

On this week's Music Week Podcast we have exclusive Arctic Monkeys album news courtesy of Josh Homme at Reading Festival. Plus we hear from Muse, The Cribs, Johnny Marr, and Bloc Party, and Bill Drummond takes us through his most important moments in musical history.

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XFM's not bad. Jim Gellatly's show was always the best thing on it. Shame he quit yesterday. :(

I think he was more forced to go. The guy that did the late morning show, had his last show today, and the guy, Martin Bate, that does the Rock Show as had his last show too.

It'll be interesting! Galaxy's playlists for their shows in England... are somewhat worse than daytime Radio 1!

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Yeah, I was being diplomatic. I knew this was in the pipeline but I didn't know if it was a case of jumping before he was pushed or not.

Ah ok.

I guess no one will actually know. He's posted a fairly detailed myspace blog about his time on Xfm, but it doesn't really give anything away.

Myspace.com Blogs - My last show for Xfm Scotland - Jim Gellatly MySpace Blog

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only work 3 hours a day. and stuff.

ha, i'm sure andy and del will put you straight on the realism of that.

shame about jim. his show on northsound got me into the local scene many many years ago when he played lift and i went to see them playing with kingsize at the works as part of the aberdeen alternative festival. thems were the days.

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I remember the first time I tuned into 6 music, it was in the middle of Simple Minds week. They played at least one song by Jim fucking Kerr and co every hour, alongside standard indie-lite nonsense such as Scouting for Girls and Paolo Nutini. I was not impressed.

The second time I switched it on, George Lamb was the DJ.

I haven't bothered since.

XFM's not bad. Jim Gellatly's show was always the best thing on it. Shame he quit yesterday. :(

if you've got digital tv, you can tune into the decent radio stations through that.

I tuned into BBC six fm last night, to be greeted with Death (Human)...

excellent! (thanks brucie) - dickenson, not forsythe.

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Jim started posting old playlists up on his blog. This is the first one he's posted and it's from his time at Northsound.

The first in a series of random playlists from the past - July 1993

Category: Music

Spot the band later known as Travis. According the Wikipedia "500 copies of the EP were made and were recently valued at 1000 each."

Also lots of local bands from Aberdeen. Wonder what everybody is doing now?

Different Wavelengths with Jim Gellatly on Northsound Radio (Aberdeen):

Friday 2 July 1993:

Smashing Pumpkins 'Cherub Rock'

Manic Street Preachers 'La Tristesse Durera'

Fingers In Dust 'Mother Invention'

Wool 'Medication'

Grant Lee Buffalo 'Dixie Drugstore'

Atari Teenage Riot 'Atari Teenage Riot'

Mea Culpa '7 Years Old'

Fields Of The Nephilim 'Preacherman'

The Nefilim 'Chaocrazy'

The Native Sons 'Going On'

Paul Westerberg 'World Class Fad'

Mint 400 'Thruster'

Green Jelly 'Anarchy In The UK'

Braindead Sound Machine 'Where The Pavement Ends'

The Dawntreaders 'Time'

Coast 'Eleanor'

Glass Onion 'Dream On'

Orange Juice 'Felicity'

The Foundation 'Dorothy's Valentine'

Paw 'Couldn't Know'

One God Universe 'Cosmonaut'

Malevolence 'The Jilted Bride'

Lock Up 'Can't Stop The Breathing'

Delicious Monster 'Ripped'

Roundabout '2 Minutes'

Mambo Taxi 'Poems On The Underground'

Helen Love 'Formula One Racing Girls'

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I remember Jim Gellatly from the late 80s / early 90s when he presented "The Headbanger Show" on Moray Firth Radio, Wednesday's at 9pm.

Fair play to him for changing my musical tastes by playing Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Nirvana and the like.

that backed up with a weeekly dose of "the power hour" - my first viewing of Janes addiction (been caught stealing) and sound garden (hands all over).

I do believe a certain "nirvanna" was played on there too...

I remember watching it on a saturday morning (taped it from 2 or 3am) and fastforwarding the "big hair pish"...

ahh....those were the days indeed.

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I'd pay to hear Atari Teenage Riot on Northsound these days. Sad times. I've completely gone off the radio because I can't ever find anything that caters to my tastes (hence ipod). I'm sure there probably is something I'd like out there, I just don't know where.

probably not to your tastes but andy's show on original 106 on a sunday evening is pretty good. nice mix of older gems and newer indie stuff.

non local, it's all about adam and joe on radio 6.

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