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  1. Yes. The council have committed to working on a year long celebration of arts and culture in Aberdeen regardless of what happens with the contest. More than happy to talk to you. Email me at andrew@aberdeen2017.com.
  2. Hello, My name's Andrew and I'm doing some work on Aberdeen's bid to be UK City of Culture. We're running some programming sessions over the next couple of months and it would be great if people on this board were able to come along and get involved. If you can't make the sessions, or if you have any questions or if I can do anything to help then you can get me on andrew@aberdeen2017.com
  3. Thought this might be of interest to some on the board. Kicks off next Wednesday. News Full Story ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF EXTREME 12/08/10 Sparked by the rush of high energy sports, EXTREME is a series of exhilarating events springing up and taking flight in Aberdeen from August 2010 to March 2011. This adrenaline-fuelled mix of worlds will launch participants and audience members on an unforgettable journey involving sports, theatre, dance, music and art. The project will culminate in a major theatre production in Aberdeen city in March 2011. The EXTREME team is calling out to people of all ages who are interested in sport, theatre, dance, music or art, to become involved with the project. EXTREME officially kicks off on Wednesday 25th August 2010 from 6.30pm 9.30pm at Transition Extreme Sports Limited, Links Road, Queens Links, Aberdeen. People attending the event will have a chance to meet the EXTREME team and take part in some free taster sessions involving music, drama, parkour, BMXing, climbing and skateboarding. For further information about EXTREME and how to get involved with the project, please contact: artseducation@aberdeencity.gov.uk
  4. But every other day, Saturday included the place was dead. I was on AUSA the year before it shut down and it was the Union that had huge debts. Also the University owned the building and I think (I could be wrong here) that the Bon Accord Centre offered them too much money to say no to. There were rumours going round about two years before it actually closed that it was closing down or had closed down. I think that was one of the reasons why people stopped going. Unlike Priory, Espionage or Liquid there was never any passing trade with Amadeus. You had to be going there to be going there and if one of your mates said 'Nah, I hear it's closing down' then you probably wouldn't have bothered.
  5. It was Des but now it's not. Does anyone have the name and an e-mail address for whoever books the Lemon Tree? Much appreciated.
  6. As someone who occasionally networks and who is occasionally networked let me offer a definition of networking for those who are unsure - 'asking' and 'not being a cunt'. For example things you can ask when networking are: can I play your gig? can I have that support spot? can you play my song on the radio? can I put a gig on here? can I send you my demo tape? You will be amazed how many promoters, DJs, bar owners and others will say yes to you.
  7. These are brilliant pictures. What a state the place is. I worked there for a bit and these have brought memories flooding back. Working there involved dressing up as one end of a cow, being shouted at, picking up bottles of blue VK from the floor and helping police with their enquiries. What a strange place the Deus was, and always a really strange mix of people. Apart from the nightclub staple of students and works nights out I can remember Les, the old bald man who came every night and danced by the stage in his tank top. People always took the piss but he was happy. I second an ABC style venue in the space. Not going to happen though.
  8. Adore the Jim Jones Revue. Aye, this can't be anything other than a corker of a gig even though I know I won't be able to hear anything the next day.
  9. ...will be back from this Sunday at 10pm. Have a listen. Might be shit but should be alright. 106.3fm 106.8fm and Original 106 Aberdeen - Scotland's fastest growing radio station If you want to, you more than welcome to send demos and the like to Andrew Learmonth, Original 106, Craigshaw Road, Aberdeen, AB12 3AR.
  10. I realised Radio 1 wasn't for me when I heard Nick Grimshaw ask Bat For Lashes where she shops. Fuck sake he's got the John Peel/Mark & Lard graveyard shift. Have some care.
  11. The whole thing has been really, really badly marketed. It takes some doing to organise a film festival and not actually tell anyone until a week or two before it begins. I hope it comes back next year as it's a nice idea and something different. There's obviously been a lot of money spent - it's just a shame that it's been promoted so poorly.
  12. Balmorhea were beautiful. One of the best things I've seen this year. More like this please.
  13. I know it's not the same but I do stand up comedy all over Scotland, I also act as one of the bookers for the Snafu Comedy Club. If a promoter books me and tells me he'll give me 50 and I turn up and the gig is cancelled or only three people are in the audience I still expect 50. If I don't get it then I won't do that gig again and I'll tell everyone I know not to trust that promoter. I don't mind doing gigs for no or little money but if someone said that the amount I'd be paid would be dependent on how many people turn up I'd tell them to fuck off. Surely it's the promoter's job to get people along to a gig. The perfomer should help because it always better to perform to a full room but the responsibility lies entirely with the promoter. When booking acts for Snafu we always tell them exactly how much they'll get before they turn up. Even if they come along and die on their arse we'll still pay them because we've agreed to. We just won't book them again. Find it very strange that this doesn't happen with music and bands. Maybe has something to do with the amount of bands looking for gigs.
  14. Well, the last show has been and gone. A fun but sad night. If anyone fancies listening to a sort of adbrigded version of the last show you can download it here http://www.originalfm.com/podcastaudio/524657/252.mp3 or by going to itunes and typing in Sunday Showcase. It has sessions and chat with Amy Sawers Stephen Podlensey of Stanley Julie Anne McCambridge The Phantom Band Panda Eyes Kashmir Red The Lorelei Kathryn Sawers
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