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  1. I have been playing for over 10 years now (singing and guitar), and have been writing music for nearly 8 or so years. I haven't been performing properly in a while (only open mic nights here and there), and would really like to get back into performing. Due to a very wide range of musical taste, I have a number of ideas I would potentially want to put into action. However, here I have listed the two projects I would most likely like to get underway.... Firstly, I currently write quite a lot of music that is acoustic pop with a definite retro edge to it. My idea was to take this down the route of having quite a gypsy jazz sound, potentially including not only conventional band instruments, but potentially double bass/violin/trumpet/clarinet - or any other jazzy type instruments! As I am not originally from the area, finding people that might be interested in such a project is pretty difficult- so if you are interested, or know someone that might be, ping me a message to let me know and I'd be delighted to hear from you! Secondly, I would potentially like to collaborate with a Male Singer/Songwriter which is a bit quieter in nature, but something that is potentially a bit more interesting than your typical singer/songwriter duet. Anything a bit quirky, indie, bluesy or jazzy is fine with me. Essentially I want to do something that isn't just background music. Interesting yet still easy on the ear is the key to both these ideas. Give me a shout if you think either of these ambiguously explained potential projects would be of interest to you!!
  2. I am a female singer/songwriter looking to perform original music in a band. I have an exceedingly diverse taste in music, having originally started my musicianship in orchestras but progressing onto playing in a rock/pop type band. For the last couple of years due to all of my band being spread around the country- we no longer perform together. Since then, I have been listening to a lot of blues, soul, jazz and wish to take these kind of influences into performing original material that is still reasonably commercial, and not just a straight blues band etc. I have already got some of my own material that I think is of a good standard - but really feel they need a band behind them. I would be looking to, at first, just play a few covers to get a feel for playing together but with the eventual plan to play only original material. Set up would probably include - Lead guitar, drums, bass, hopefully some piano/keys - and a possibility of adding some brass if I can find anyone. If you are interested to hear some of my material or just want to discuss some influences etc, just PM me There are no stupid questions- so ask away
  3. I am an experienced musician, singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist. I have been playing in a band up north for quite a number of years now but have since then moved to Aberdeen. I am open to most genres of music within reason (metal is not quite within my abilities!) I would be up for a good old fashioned rock band or anything a little more bluesy. Just a few influences would include; Led Zeppelin,The Strokes, Free, The Who, The Hives, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, Aerosmith, Beatles, The Bluetones, Blur, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Feeder, Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Franz Ferdinand, Guns n Roses, JJ Cale, Jackie Wilson, Jet, The Jam, Jimi Hendrix, KT Tunstall, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Ray Charles, Manic Street Preachers, Meatloaf, Newton Faulkner, Nirvana, Norah Jones, Queen, Reef, Santana, Scissor Sisters, Trex, Television, Travis, U2, Van Morrison, The Zutons I am looking for motivated individuals who are ambitious and keen to get a bit further than just the Aberdeen scene. Cat
  4. Well the point is there are not very many opportunities for musicians without doing such things and there is no official way of trying to get noticed and the whole thing is completely unethical. But this was not the point in the thread. The intention was to get some valued opinions on what has been the hold backs for musicians. If you would care to share these rather than your opinions on my own personal experience it would be appreciated.
  5. problem with coming from a rural area For example - most battle of the bands type competitions usually have a online voting system. It is difficult for a band from a rural area to try and compete with any bands from an urban area. Last year my band was lucky enough to be able to skip the online voting system for the battle for bella competition to play at belladrum. This was only due to networking etc which I dont think is a completely ethical way of doing things as there are always problems thereafter about deciding whether this was fair or not. We then went on to win in the final after competing also in the semi-finals, both of which were judged by a panel of people based in the music industry. Had we not been given the opportunity to go staight into the semi-finals without the online voting we would not have had the chance up against the bands that came from the inverness area as the fans wouldve kicked us out in the first round. Anyhoo, this was only an example of the kind of problems that musicians face in trying to become recognised and building up a fanbase etc. I am doing this as I am keen on finding a way of helping musicians through some form of entrepreneurial idea. I am wanting to combine my passion and my studies to try and help other musicians that have encountered problems. It is all just a case of research just now and finding where the problems lie. I mean there is plenty of backing for students of music through for example the musicians union or the scottish arts council but less formal bodies to help musicians who are not in a more formal music group e.g. choirs and orchestras. Cheers Catriona
  6. Hey all, I am currently a student at The Robert Gordon University and I am looking into what are the biggest problems for unsigned bands. I am also a musician and for me it has been particularly difficult as I originally come from a rural area in Scotland and to break through in a city etc it is very difficult to do so without a huge amount of financial backing. If people could please give me their opinion on the subject it would be much appreciated as I am looking into what kind of things would help such bands within the industry, as from my experience it is all about having good connections which does not neccessarily result in the best musicians being noticed. It would be particularly interesting to hear what problems you have experienced as a musician - e.g. with promotional activity etc As I said, any feedback would be welcome! Cheers Catriona Leighton
  7. I am a 20 year old lass looking for a new musical project in Aberdeen. I am currently studying in the netherlands on exchange but will be back in aberdeen to study at the end of january. I have a wide range of influences, including music from the genres of rock, classical, soul, blues, jazz and quite a lot more. aerosmith, afro celtic soundsystem, alex harvey band, Antonio Vivaldi, Asa, Annie lennox, blink 182, bob marley, blur, beethoven, cappercaillie, Canned Heat, dave brubeck quartet, david bowie, david byrne, deep forest, david gilmour, elvis costello, feeder, fleetwood mac, flogging molly, foo fighters, frank zappa, franz ferdinand, the fratellis, free, gary moore, george frederick handel, greenday, guns n roses, j.j cale, jack johnson, jackie wilson, james brown, jamiroquai, jet, joe jackson, joe satriani, john mayall, jools holland, kt tunstall, kate bush, manic street preachers, marc knopfler, maroon 5, meatloaf, monty python, mozart, natalie macmaster,, newton faulkner, norah jones, NQ arbuckle, old blind dogs, paul wellar, pink floyd, queen, razorlight, red hot chilli peppers, reel big fish, runrig, rage against the machine, santana, scissor sisters, shooglenifty, supertramp, trex, talking heads, television, the beatles the white stripes, led zeppelin, janis joplin the hivesl Thats just a random list of some of the music thats on my computer the music ive been writing most recently though is kind of leaning towards artists like janis joplin, imelda may, more jazzy souly popy type stuff . . Hard to explain. Would be keen for having another vocalist/guitarist/songwriter to collaborate with but I am pretty open minded about the whole situation. The one important thing is that I am pretty ambitious so I would hope that anyone that is interested is up for having fun but also is wanting to do well and try and play as many gigs as possible and has plenty of time for writing. If you are interested in getting to hear some of my own music then just PM me. I will be able to let you hear over skype or other such nonsense. Cheers Catriona
  8. 19 year old female vocalist/guitarist looking for male vocalist that can play guitar/piano/or anything else useful . . . I am not currently in aberdeen as I am on a student exchange but I am moving back at the end of january.. . I am just starting my search now for someone to collaborate with as I want to be able to get started as soon as I get back. I am looking for someone with intrest in a fairly wide range of different musical genres. I am currently writing my own material, but find it difficult explaining what it sounds like! I will be able to let anyone hear it over skype or something! I am looking to collaborate with a strong songwriter that is open minded. I do not want to do any covers, ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY! I have had around 5 years experience of playing gigs, and still am in another band further up north in wick which is rock based. The band has just recently played at belladrum, so without sounding arrogant . . . it would be fair to say we're not terrible IM me if you are interested and I will get back to asap Cheers Catriona
  9. ribena89

    rgu radio

    Hey guys, I am currently setting up a show for RGU radio for promoting local, unsigned or live acts. If anyone would like me to play any of their tunes on my show then PM me. Songs must be original for copyright reasons. There is also an option to do a live acoustic sesh in the studio if you'd rather. Just let me know Cheers Catriona
  10. I'm 19, and am a female vocalist and a guitarist. I also have a good grounding in music as i play flute to about grade 7/8 level. I am looking for a band that is determined to achieve but also have fun at the same time :] I am pretty experienced, i've been playing in a band since i was 14 years old and have sung many different styles, including, blues, classic rock, modern rock, folk, pop etc I am willing to play any type of music except perhaps heavy metal or country . . . willing to do jazz, blues, rock, whatever! Just PM me if you're interested! Cheers Catriona
  11. Whoops! LOL i need to learn to read posts properly! never read it was a stone temple pilots tribute! christ i think i'll give that a miss. I can do rock but i dont think I would pull off Scott Weiland!! although it would be highly amusing to try but yeah, i do think i'll leave it the now!
  12. take it your not interested in female vocalists seeing it says 'front MAN' ?
  13. looking for band members are up for a bit of fun but also alot of hard work :-P I'm 19 and had four years experience of playing in a band back up north where i come from. The band has done not too bad having come second in the ultimate chill competition in dundee and done other various gigs like eden court and stuff but the other members being so far north, the band has kind of come to the end of the line. I've got a pretty good range and can tailor my voice to suit most styles and can be gutsy when i need it to be. I'm just desperate to get a good tight band on the go. Not too fussy about what style of music, so long as its not country, metal or anything with screamo in it :-P Would be up for anything acoustic, blues,pop, rock, indie, just anything really! just want to write some good original tunes and get somewhere with it! If you think you might be interested contact me (cat) on catsmellsteenspirit@hotmail.com and please do contact me! x
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