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  1. ou7shined

    Doom drummer

    Do you hail Satan and play drums? Apply below in text form. 0795158871three
  2. Desperately seeking Bill Ward. We've got original material, a small following and gigs lined up but our drummer has gone awol. Get in touch asap if interested.
  3. As per the title really. Cheers
  4. Pretty sure I saw a really cheap ABS case on gumtree if that's what you mean.
  5. Don't forget about the butteries.
  6. I've heard the newest demos and it's a lot tighter and more unified than the EP. As for the bass players bass technique? Matt has taught himself from scratch, in fact still learning the basics on being recruited into Oxbow Lake. As far as I've seen he had no bass "heroes" or major influences to pinch from or aspire to and unlike many of us bassists went straight to bass without having first played another instrument. What he plays is natural to him and I applaud the purity of this. It's not hard to understand that his first band cast the die for the riffs he lets forth in this EP but having heard the new recordings it's plain to see that he has definitely "levelled up" with the Teaspoons. Don't forget he has to fill a lot of space in this guitar-less outfit but he gets his head down and does a great job. Cut him some slack! P.S. I still keep wanting to hear female backing vocals in this and the new recordings though.
  7. Wizened guitarist/singer and bass-player looking for a drummer to complete an originals thunder trio (just made that up) .... punk/stoner... Uh dunno EHG maybe. Enthusiasm and commitment a must. Own transport preferred. Bring your own butteries. Our tunes are evil, conversely we are not so dinna be feert.
  8. Always up for some butteries. I'll PM ye.
  9. Ok this is now SOLD !!! However, cheeky monkey that I am this was my #2 backup in case of #1 failure (which in 9 years of ownership never happened). So if anyone wants one of these rarities in future give me a shout and I may part with my #1. It's an earlier model with original box and instructions etc. Cheers Rich
  10. Octave up (can add upper 5th or lower 4rth to make chords) with dialable fuzz and split output so you can drive a separate guitar cab etc.. Super rare these days. Amazing condish. Fully working. £180 ono Try-outs welcome - Bridge of Don area
  11. I've got a beard that would make your ba's pop back up inside ... but I have to see yours first.
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