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  1. Few songs my son and I recorded

    Listen to A Different Girl by The Vapour Trails #np on #SoundCloud
  2. Few songs my son and I recorded

  3. Few songs my son and I recorded

    the recordings are far from perfect but quite lo fi and a bit retro
  4. Few songs my son and I recorded

  5. Few songs my son and I recorded

    My 15 year old son and I recorded a bunch of demos.. Rough recordings on garageband.. Mainly jangly pop stuff..He is looking for a band at the moment, he the recorded a vast amount of the guitars. Some feedback plus a band for him would be gd haha
  6. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    Played alongside the needles with our band many a time in the 90s.. They were more 50s than the 50s at times. Cool band
  7. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    I was at that gig.. Teenage fanclub had just released songs from northern Britain.. They have supported some incredible bands haha
  8. Your first ever gig in Aberdeen?

    Teenage fanclub 1991 @ the palace ..another early one was The verve supporting main act ride 1992 at the capitol
  9. amps and cab for sale

  10. Fender mustang 20 watt amp

    In superb condition..the first edition model version 2..still has tags on £50
  11. Your current read?

    Not many Stephen king books I don't like.. The only thing that bugs me is that some of the books have been made into god awful movies with abysmal acting.. There are a few exceptions but most of the movies are rot
  12. Your current read?

    Revisiting Iain banks books.. The Wasp Factory in particular is very sinister
  13. What are you currently listening to?

    Listening to lots of shoegaze at the moment.. Ride , mbv, pale saints etc etc..remember seeing Ride in 1992 at the capitol theatre of all places. The Verve supporting them on the night. Ah the memories!!
  14. Are there any good cheap power supplys

  15. Are there any good cheap power supplys

    Advice is only good pre purchase. If the lad has bought the power supply already you are just telling him he has bought a pile of horseshit. I agree with col.. If the supply is isolated it should be ok.. If its a gd one and you have more than 5 pedals buy another at that price.. Look at lots of online reviews in future and guage the general consensus. . sometimes you do get what you pay for but at times companies live off their name and charge too much money for ptoducts