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  1. bizarro was delicious was 18 last time i heard those songs live... few old and new songs before no encore gedge on good form enjoy the gig del
  2. aye it was a cracking evening, port-royal's music can really carry you to another place. cheers
  3. how about the selection of ales, beers and other drinks you'll be stocking, a wild and varied range of marvellous beverages from every corner of the globe perhaps or just the regular kinda stuff?
  4. 24.10.10 Port-royal @ Peacock Visual Arts (as part of SOUND) 06.11.10 FOUND + Indian Red Lopez @ The Tunnels (as part of SOUND) 05.12.10 Smackvan + RM Hubbert @ The Tunnels (with The Slow Club) looking forward to these, especially the slow club night
  5. i think it was psychocandy by jamc & love by the cult on the same day in 1985 first cds were nevermind by nirvana & loveless by mbv in 1991, again on the same day
  6. good sites for peel fans like myself who miss his shows and at this time of year the festive 50 Radio Archive John Peel's Festive 50's
  7. red5

    First Ever Gig?

    'the wedding present' at the ritzy 1989
  8. yeah the music hall gig was great, i don't remember much about it though or who the support were. i do seem to recall the twin peaks soundtrack album being played before the bands came on though which added to the atmosphere in the venue. i didn't go to the capitol gig, not sure why but wish i had... edit - gig info nope i still have no recollection of the support at all. pity slowdive didn't make it to the aberdeen gig, that would have been amazing
  9. this thread reminded me of this old moray firth radio compilation tape i have called the groove machine, which was a show presented by jim gellatly (see img). anybody on here remember any of the bands featured?
  10. huh, someone mention wolverines on this thread... ok whaddya know ? i need details of the sighting/encounter, tell me everything you remember. oh and this had better not be another hoax!
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